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Community Futures Visions North

Box 810, 711 LaRonge Avenue, LaRonge, SK - Phone: (306) 425-2612

Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

About Community Futures Visions North


General Manager: Gavin Willins

Loans Officer: Vacant

Executive Administrator: Jean Powell

Business Support Officer for Indigenous Women Entrepreneurs Program: Vacant

Board of Directors Profiles:

Our Board of Directors represents 24 communities in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Bruce Fidler, Chairperson – Bruce joined the Visions North Board in November2016.  Bruce represents the Town of Creighton. He has been the Mayor of Creighton for 20 years and has been on Council for 29.  Bruce is involved in Municipal politics/operations and Economic Development within the region.  He is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medial in 2012 and the Platinum Jubilee Award and Medal for 2022.

Abby Besharah, Vice-Chairperson – Abby joined the Visions North Board in January 2021.  Abby represents the Town of La Ronge.  She is a small business owner and has 15 years experience in the hospitality sector, most recently opening Marker 47 Café in December 2021.  Abby has spent a number of years in public service after receiving a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and working for both provincial and municipal government in policy and regulation.  Abby has a keen interest in community building and strengthening local and regional economic endeavors.

Terry DesRoches, Secretary/Treasurer -  Terry joined the Visions North Board in April 2019.  Terry represents the Northern Village of Air Ronge.  This is Terry’s second term on the Board of Directors.  He has served 5 terms on Council for the Northern Village of Air Ronge. Terry has performed in 20 plus plays with the local community theatre group.  His area of expertise in small business and transportation.

Raeanne Fisher, Director – Raeanne joined the Visions North Board in February 2022.  She represents the Metis Nation, Jim Brady Metis Local #19.  Raeanne was born and raised in Northern Saskatchewan.  She brings to the table 25+ years of administration. 

Nola Morin, Director – Nola joined the Visions North Board April 2022.  Nola represents the Northern Village of Sandy Bay.  She is the facilitator at the Early Years Family Resource Centre in Sandy Bay, SK.  She is an alderwoman on the Northern Village of Sandy Bay council.

Julianna Ballantyne, Director – Julianna joined the Visions North Board in May 2016.  Julianna represents the Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.  She is a Community Justice worker for Prince Albert Grand Council and Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation.

Glen Watchel, Director – Glen joined the Visions North Board in November 2016.  Glen represents the Member at Large, business owner.  Glen has resided in La Ronge for 31 years, he is a local contractor and enjoys living in Northern Saskatchewan. 

Wanda Fietz, Director – Wanda joined the Visions North Board in February 2024 as the representative for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band. Wanda was born and raised in La Ronge. She attended the University of Regina and has a background is in finance.


About Our Board

Visions North Community Futures is designated as an Aboriginal Financial Institution. To meet this criteria more than 50% of the Board's composition must be of Aboriginal ancestry. Currently 62% of our Board meet this criteria. As well, there are three women on our Board and one representative of the Metis Nation.

Our Board of directors represents 11 communities in Northern Saskatchewan, the Metis Nation and a Small Business representative, and are nominated to be on our Board by each community. To be assigned to our Board they must meet a set of criteria which each community is aware of.

Once the Board is set elections are held every two years at our annual General Meeting. Besides reviewing the year in terms of activities and reviewing our year end financial records elections are held for the positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer. A person has to be nominated by another director and this nomination has to be seconded. The person nominated has the option to accept or reject the nomination. Once the nomination has been accepted each director has one vote in a secret ballot conducted by an outside party (The person conducting the election has no affiliation with Visions North).

From the Board there is a Loans Committee that is composed of five members. Three of the members are from the executive, one from the community that the application comes from and an at large member.