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Windy Acres Bed & Breakfast

Windy 3

■ Opportunity The Windy Acres Bed & Breakfast project addressed the high demand for housing required for an influx of workers to the local area as a result of mining expansions. Increased housing costs due to limited supply, created an opportunity to provide more hotel room rentals. Mr. Kenneth Maduck and his wife Joanne Melanson seized this opportunity to address the challenges of capacity and commuting distances.

■ Collaboration Community Futures Ventures was able to easily engage with this project based on the business’ clear viability and sound business plan. Community Futures Ventures collaborated with this business by contributing financially to the project when its construction was nearing completion and cost overages were incurred.

■ Outcome Windy Acres has been a notable attraction in the area and even received bookings prior to its completion. The Bed and Breakfast has been successful in the diversification of its client base to include workers, business meetings, families, teams and more, ensuring its continued success as markets and housing demands change. Even Community Futures Ventures is excited to be a loyal customer of Windy Acres Bed & Breakfast!