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David Panasiuk

David Panasiuk was born and raised in Wadena, Sk. He is a proud father of two sons and 2 daughters. He is very passionate about landscaping and loves working outdoors. He started his career as a long-haul truckdriver and continued pursuing his passion for landscaping in his free time. The enhanced beauty of homes and commercial spaces fills him with happiness and a sense of satisfaction.

In 2003, along with his two sons Bryan & Brandon, started a landscaping company – Spine Drivers Inc. in Saskatoon. They provided landscaping and summer maintenance jobs to clients in Saskatoon. Soon, in a span of three years the business thrived and developed a strong customer base.

In 2009, when David’s mother was not keeping well, he moved back to Wadena. During his stay, he was offered a job by Fishing Lake Resort, and he never looked back ever since. His business grew in multiple folds over these ten years, adding winter maintenance and many more other services including fencing, Rototilling, Patios, Pressure Washing, Spider/Ant Removal, Driveways, retaining walls House sitting, painting and many more. He currently serves a 25-30mile radius around Wadena with over 30 regular residential and commercial clients in Wadena, Tisdale, Barrier Lake, Wynyard, Foam Lake, Kelvington and Saskatoon.

In 2016, David Sought Community Futures Ventures’ support to assist him in business expansion. Since then, Community Futures Ventures’ continuously supported him through his journey so far.

With the dense senior population and demand for maid and house keeping services, David along with his two daughters Kristin and Kortnee started maid and house keeping business in spring 2020.

His story inspires those who wish to pursue their dreams and turn them in to a successful reality!

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