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Community Futures Sunrise has flexible lending criteria and each loan application will be evaluated on its own merit. Businesses must be physically located within our region and the majority of employment created must be within our region.

Featured!  CF Sunrise's Micro-loans of up to $25,000 to start your business or give it a boost.

Community Futures (CF) Sunrise’s Biz Start and Biz Boost Micro-Loans provide a low interest, flexible, business financing solution for entrepreneurs in the southeast region of Saskatchewan.  CF Sunrise understands the difficulties that entrepreneurs face in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of the recovery of the economy.  As a result, CF Sunrise is providing further support to small business owners in the form of quick, simple, online access to financing for working capital or expansion needs.

Biz Start Micro-Loans (new or in operation for less than one year) and Biz Boost Micro-Loans  (existing business) have the following terms:

  • Maximum loan of $25,000
  • Interest rate of prime + 2%
  • No principal payments for six months
  • No application fee
  • Repayment over three years, with no penalty for early payout
  • A one-time administration fee of 2%, which can be added to the loan amount

Microloan Eligibility Requirements

  • Funds will be used to start, buy, maintain or expand a business in the CF Sunrise region
  • Funds may not be used to prepay or refinance existing indebtedness
  • The business must demonstrate viability
  • A complete loan application has been submitted    Apply for a Micro-Loan Today 

Loans Up To $150,000!  Looking for a larger business loan?  CF Sunrise can lend up to $150,000 to entrepreneurs in our southeast Saskatchewan region.  Learn More

Resources to Support Your Loan Application: Business Plan    Loan Application   Cash Flow Worksheet   

Review CF Sunrise's loan application, loan decision process and redress policy:  Loan Process   



With funding secured from the Canada Coal Transition Initiative, CF Sunrise assists and supports businesses and communities in the southeast Saskatchewan region during the transition away from coal-fired power generation.

Interested to contact CF Sunrise and discuss economic development? Get in touch with our Regional Economic Development Coordinator today.


Have an area of business development you’d like addressed in a workshop setting? CF Sunrise offers in-person, or virtual (via Zoom) facilitated workshops that can be customized to the business development topics you request. It’s easy to get the ball rolling.

Contact the CF Sunrise office to inquire about current business workshop topics or to request an in person or virtual session at 306.842.8803 or


A leader in encouraging youth entrepreneurship in the province, CF Sunrise works with regional schools to assist students in experiencing the world of micro business. Find out more about the YouthBiz contest.



YouthBiz is an exciting and fun business competition for grade 6 - 12 students in the CF Sunrise region (southeast Saskatchewan).  The contest promotes entrepreneurship, financial literacy and it encourages the connection between young people and the business community.  Since it began in 2007, over 2,550 students from southeast Saskatchewan have competed for more than $26,000 in prize money!

To enter YouthBiz, students simply come up with a fantastic business idea, write about it following along with questions in the YouthBiz Guide, and submit their entry to CF Sunrise on or before the contest deadline of November 18, 2021

There are two student categories: Grade 6 - 8 and Grade 9 - 12.  For both categories, the prize money is amazing:

First Place:  $500  -  Second Place:  $300  -  Third Place:  $150

*(and there are a number of Special Achievement prizes awarded each year as well!)

How to Get Involved . . . Simply contact CF Sunrise to register for the 2021 YouthBiz contest, request a YouthBiz intro presentation and download the 2021 YouthBiz Guide.  Then get started on your entry, and contact CF Sunrise along the way for support!

Contact CF Sunrise to register:

Download:  2021 YouthBiz Guide   2021 Income Sheet(worksheet)


Check out the results from the 2020 YouthBiz program

YouthBiz celebrated its fourteenth year in 2020!  So much has changed over the years, but the basics of YouthBiz stay the same.  Students are asked to dream up a great business idea (or describe one they currently operate), write about it and show it off to inspired others!  YouthBiz has always showcased the entrepreneurial spirit in our southeast SK youth! 

This past year, YouthBiz has pivoted.  School looked different for our youth last year, so we wanted to focus on helping students explore the creative and fun side of business more fully. 

The 2020 YouthBiz Commercial Contest offered just that . . . a chance for youth to come up with an awesome business idea, write about it and create their own audio commercial for that business. That's all that's needed to enter, aside from a creative attitude and readiness to learn and have fun!

NEW! YouthBiz Winners have been announced!

1st Place ($300):  Anushka Raulji - Elite Academy (Weyburn)

2nd Place ($200):  Amy Gilliland - Jewelry by Amy (Carievale)

3rd Place ($100):  Payton Grad and Chloe Krienke - Clayton Designs (Weyburn)

Special Achievement Awards ($50 each)

A total of 157 students from six schools in southeast Saskatchewan participated in YouthBiz in 2020. Each one came up with a fantastic business idea, wrote about it, recorded a commericial and submitted their entry to compete for YouthBiz prizes.

This youth entrepreneurship program is made possible by the hard work of mentor teachers - a big Thank You for guiding students as they learned all about entrepreneurship. 

The generous support of YouthBiz sponsors is fundamental to the success of this long-running youth program. Thank you to our 2020 YouthBiz Sponsors:

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