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Get to Know Jack Cherewyk!

  • July 13, 2020
  • Written by Sunrise Admin


Jack Cherewyk is our Estevan ambassador on the CF Sunrise Board. After sitting on various other boards over the years, Jack joined our board several years ago and shared that he is proud to be part of an organization that provides new entrepreneurs with a competitive advantage in the business environment.   

“I really wanted to contribute to the operations of sunrise,” Jack explained when asked why he decided to join the CF Sunrise board.  “And support the efforts of Western Economic Development.”  He also praises the Sunrise staff for their dedication and hard work to help new businesspeople in our region achieve their goals and dreams.

Jack is happy to be a part of a community in rural SK because he thinks it allows us to have first-hand knowledge.  “We are closer to one another and that allows us to see and observe success stories.”

Thank you to Jack for supporting small businesses in our region and for your positive presence on our board!