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Regional Economic Development in Southeast Saskatchewan

E-Commerce Resources for Small Business

There are a number of resources available for business owners wanting to take their offerings to that next level of online or e-commerce. Many providers are offering time limited incentives to get you started. We urge you to view our Covid-19 Resource page for the latest information.


Regional Business Development Plan

Supporting local businesses has long been a pillar of CF Sunrise. With resources provided under the Canada Coal Transition Initiative, CF Sunrise performed a Regional Needs Assessment in Fall 2019 to find out what you think about the programs and services that should be available to further support business development in the southeast region.  

CF Sunrise collected feedback and expertise from businesses, municipalities, economic development professionals, Chambers of Commerce, business leaders and other stakeholders in the region. This feedback helped form the Regional Business Development Plan

For further information, contact the Regional Economic Development Coordinator.


Economic Resilience & Recovery

As we move forward in a post pandemic world and learn to do business differently, strategic planning has never been more important for communities and the region as a whole.

The SK Economic Development Alliance (SEDA) – has made available their toolkit for Economic Resilience & Recovery for communities as a guide. We urge local community leaders to review and use this fantastic tool to establish a response team and a plan to restart the local economy and retain your existing businesses, which will be key to rebuilding your local economy.

Check out their handy quick reference tip sheet!