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Community Futures Sunrise

11 - 3rd Street North East, Weyburn, SK - Phone: (306) 842-8803

Brady's House of Flowers, Weyburn SK

Siwy and LaFoy talk business! Siwy and LaFoy talk business!

Ever wonder how those successful businesses in your community originally started? Many business ideas evolve out of great conversations over a pot of coffee, and are then hurriedly written on whatever’s handy, like a napkin. Entrepreneurs are always resourceful!

Getting your business idea off the napkin and onto paper is where Community Futures (CF) Sunrise comes in. Providing business loans and advice, CF Sunrise strives to help entrepreneurs develop their own successful businesses.

“A great opportunity came along to purchase a flower shop in Weyburn last year. We did our homework but needed some extra guidance and planning assistance before approaching the bank for financing. That’s where CF Sunrise came in. Teresa at Sunrise was a great source of information, and in the end we accessed their business loans to financing our inventory. Sunrise really brought it all together, working alongside our lender at the bank to create a financing package for us. We can’t say enough about the support we received from them,” comments Sarah Siwy, who along with her husband Francis Lessard, are the proud owners of Brady’s House of Flowers in Weyburn.

“We’ve talked with entrepreneurs about everything from business basics and start-up registrations, to financial projections and marketing strategies. The staff at CF Sunrise may not have all the answers, but we have a well-developed network of resources that are just a call away. Often our clients are just looking to bounce ideas off of someone – we can act as that sounding board as well,” comments Teresa LaFoy, Business Analyst at CF Sunrise.

So whether your business plan is on a napkin, or you’re further along the way and want to discuss business financing, contact CF Sunrise and find out how they can help.