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Making a dream come true by getting her hands dirty

Dana Crosson, the owner of West Wind Florist and greenhouse, has turned a dream into a thriving locally-owned store that visitors come from more than 100kms away.

Crosson is taking part in the Destination Creation course through Community Futures Sunrise (CFS), which assists business owners with tools to grow sales and customer traffic. Throughout the last year, more than 60 small businesses from the southeast have participated in the course and are reaping the benefits.

Westwind Dana

West Wind Florist is not new to the region. It has been around for more than 25 years. In 2020, Crosson, a Landscape Architect living in Langley, British Columbia, considered opening a greenhouse; the dream was there. She wanted to not just design but to work with her hands.

“I grew up between Moosomin and Rocanville and had this pull to visit home. I visited early in the spring of 2020 after I found out that West Wind was for sale,” shared Crosson. “I think the stars aligned; fate was there. I inquired about the sale, did a site tour, and started the purchase.”

The new West Wind Florist and greenhouse brings in plants that align with modern buying and design. Houseplants, landscape plants and bouquets. One of their missions is to help a new generation of gardeners grow their green thumb to get the garden of their dreams and continue to serve the avid gardeners.

Westwind plants

“I am bringing in a variety of new plants to the area, ones that are hardy enough for our hot, dry climate, as well as the hardy old-fashioned Geraniums. Grass plants are trendy right now, and they look pretty when combined.

I am also starting a year-round gift shop that will accompany the flower arrangements we provide, and we are beginning to do residential design. With landscape design, we offer anything from small packages like choosing pots and the plants in them to a complete plan that clients can hand over to their contractor to build into the landscape.”

Westwind sub

West Wind has started floral and plant subscriptions too. Clients can choose from a floral, floral and plant and plant subscription where they can choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly plans and get fresh flowers delivered to their house.

“The program has gone over well,” shared Crosson. “We’ve had people send them as mothers day gifts, valentines gifts, or even just bought for themselves as a treat. Who wouldn’t want fresh flowers delivered regularly? They truly are the best way to bring a smile to you or a loved one’s face!

Crosson says, “ I was ready for a change, and while I loved doing what I was doing as a landscape architect, with this business, I get to do so much more.

The Destination Creation course helped me connect with businesses that were in my community and my region. Those connections were so valuable. I even have a collaboration with one of the business owners that we will be announcing soon.”



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