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Tailor-made niche travel right here in the southeast

Travel is back, and destinations are seeing an increase in travellers. Denise Taylor, a franchise owner of Travel Only, is seeing an increase in travellers seeking help to prepare for travel.

TravelOnly Denise

“I’ve been an agent for over twelve years now,” shared Taylor. “I love travelling; I love organizing travel and helping when needed.

I've had many favourite moments. I've organized destination weddings and loved helping others travel throughout Europe. One job that hit close to home was when a mother needed help getting her daughter home at the height of the pandemic from a remote, desolate island. We got her home; that job was emotionally fulfilling.”

TravelOnly Island

The business has many services they provide. The typical book the flights and hotels, which helps put many travellers at ease. And they also create itineraries. The not-so-traditional itineraries that they can custom build for you.

Not-so-traditional may have you thinking of international off-the-beaten-path, backpacking trips. They do that yes, but they can assist with regional trips and offer itineraries and must-see and dos in our local area.

“Groups of cyclists book cycling tours, bird-watchers come to the region to look for that bucket list bid, and we've found back road trips for them that sets them up for the best success in finding what they are after."

TravelOnly Cycling

Booking through an agent provides a lot of assurance while travelling. Throughout the pandemic, it has come to light: “We worked hard to get our travellers home and even now, we work hard with the constant changes that are happening with certain restrictions and requirements that are constantly changing.”

Agents also have expertise in the regions their travellers are visiting. It’s their job to make sure the traveller is as comfortable as possible, and if they need help, they are only a phone call away. Denise also knows who to call in need, and she has the inside scoop on the best things to see and do.

“We also have a knack for getting extras,” she joked. “For example, a client booked a backpacking trip and we got the hostels at some stops to upgrade the room for no extra charge.”

Taylor recently completed the Destination Creation course through Community Futures Sunrise. She learned that she doesn’t have to step outside the box all the time to look inside the region. “There is so much to do and see and experience here in the southeast and so much opportunity for travel.”