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11 - 3rd Street North East, Weyburn, SK - Phone: (306) 842-8803

Multi-Disciplinary Wellness Clinic

Offering the best in all aspects of wellness with positive interactions that change entire perspectives.

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When Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing opened its doors in 2015, it filled a need for the people of southeast Saskatchewan who were craving an alternative solution for wellness.

Twin sisters Brittany and Briana's passion for wellness sits at their core. When Brittany started the business, she focused on human connection. And when Briana joined the company, that goal continued to focus on their clients; knowing them, seeing them, valuing them. They both genuinely care for every person's well-being that walks through the door— it shows with the service and services they provide.

LotusTree sisters

Co-owner Briana Grimes shares, "We grew up in a close-knit family; respect, positivity, and guidance were in the forefront. In our hearts, it was mastered. We were loved unconditionally and taught that you're only as good as how you treat people."

"We took that way of living," added Brittany Dalziel, owner. "…and modelled our business to reflect positive interactions that can change someone's entire perspective of themselves and their existence."

They started the business with registered massage therapy, cupping massage, Bioflex laser therapy, chiropractic care, registered psychology, yoga classes, and aesthetics, like hair styling and built it into a multi-disciplinary wellness clinic in Carlyle. Complete with all-natural supplements, therapy products, and Éminence Organic Skincare.

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All professionals that operate out of Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing are registered. Simply put, they are recognized in their field and are covered under most insurance policies.

Lotus Tree Wellness and Healing have clients that travel from across southeast Saskatchewan. They don't flinch at the travel time. They know that the practitioners give them undivided attention, are educated, and offer a soothing environment, with the best advice, best products that aid in excellent health and well-being.



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Phone: 306-453-3334