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The journey of starting a Bistro in southeast Saskatchewan


A great entrepreneur encounters a problem and finds a solution to fix it, which is precisely how the Cork & Bone Bistro came to be.

Jarrod Slugoski always had a love for good food and atmosphere. Like many young people, he wanted to find his passion through experience. He worked in the restaurant industry throughout his life, in places all across Western Canada, and settled at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.

CorkandBoneBistro bar

Slugoski shared, “Looking back, I was always doing what I was meant to be doing, even the whole time I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.”

While visiting family in Saskatchewan, Jarrod Slugoski wanted to take his family to an excellent restaurant and asked them where they usually go. He was astonished when the closest fine dining establishment was nearly fifty minutes away.

“I recognized the problem, and I was looking for a change. I kept my eye out for a location, and in October of 2019, I opened the doors to the Cork & Bone Bistro.”

CorkandBoneBistro inside

Cork & Bone Bistro, in a nutshell, is described as comfort food, refined. Slugoski aimed for a restaurant with a small menu that uses seasonal local ingredients. But it’s more than the food and more than a dining room away from home. Of course, the food takes the spotlight as guests become its audience. But the Cork & Bone Bistro embraces other factors such as music, lighting, artwork and spacing all combined; it creates comfort, intimacy and even romance.

Jarrod chose to return to his roots in Saskatchewan not only because it is known as a great place to start a business but as a great place to immerse himself in the community. He has become an active member of the community. He has hosted Supper bowl events, a magic show, live theatre, a street cabaret and participated in many local initiatives throughout the year.

“That’s one of the most valuable takeaways that I learned from taking the Destination Creation course. The more we, business owners, take ownership of our business and make it something that our customers want, in this case, it’s what I want too, to be a part of something more. I am so proud to belong to Moosomin and the southeast Saskatchewan community.”

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