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Second Act: A New Beginning


Deb and her husband Blair have always had an entrepreneurial zest. In today's world, that can be a bumpy path. But when they thought about their long-term goals of retiring in a small log house, a business idea came to mind.

They knew they wanted a log home but were hung up on size. On the one hand, they didn't want to build something huge that wouldn't be used since it was just the two of them at home. And on the other, they wanted something big enough for when their kids came to visit. In came that zest. Deb suggested using the extra space for a B&B if they chose the bigger space. And that's how the Living Skies Lodge came to be.

Deb and Blair sm

"We are the first log home Bed and Breakfast in southeast Saskatchewan and the only one in Western Canada that sits on an airport runway," shared co-owner Deb Andrew. "We visited a lot of high-end hotels throughout our travels and wanted the lodge to leave guests with that over-the-top experience.

We have high-end sheets and towels; in the summer, give samples of the honey we make from the hives we raise on the land. And we even provide salon-quality bathroom essentials – it just takes the whole luxury experience that one step further."

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Blair, co-owner and Debs' husband, added, "And the best part, that high-end price tag doesn't come with staying here. I love meeting all the people that come through. And I love how we can shuffle our goals and plans fluidly. We have hired two staff members to help with maintenance and decorating for seasons. We have been hosting events and work meetings; the possibilities with this space are ever-evolving."

In just the short time since opening, they have met people from all across Canada. People with fascinating stories, some were relocating, others just travelling, and others were just getting away for a night.

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A couple from Regina that visited Moose Mountain Provincial Park to cross country ski chose Living Skies Lodge as their accommodations. Blair and Deb were in awe of their charm and how they would race back before 5 pm to get warmed up with hot chocolate and lie on their bed and watch the sunset.

Deb continued, "That couple and stories like theirs is what makes us love what we are doing. We want to shower our guests in love and show them that it is these simple things – with some great amenities is what life is all about."

NOTE: Deb attended the Destination Creation program in the spring of 2021. She has been implementing strategies and tactics that she learned in the course that is helping to grow her business! Plus, she has made some excellent connections with other organizations in the program. Fresh flowers on your bedside? Yes, please!



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