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Southeast Business Startup in Estevan

Jeff Taylor is the manager of Estevan’s business resource centre known as the Southeast Business Startup. “It’s actually three things in one,” Jeff explained. “First, it’s a business resource center to provide information and resources to people in any stage of their business. It’s also a business incubator, which is similar to the resource center, except it’s more of a structured program to take a business from the idea stage through those first few stages to get started. Finally, it’s a co-working space with tables, desks, and a board room for people to work on their business.” Jeff added that they will also be providing some workshops and lunch and learns for entrepreneurs.

“I only started here in March 2020, so this has basically all been during Covid time,” Jeff said in response to how the pandemic affected the resource center. He said that Covid-19 not only caused a delay in the project, but also made it much more challenging to move forward with the space. “It’s a lot harder to operate something that’s supposed to be a walk-in, drop-in kind of place. Covid is a difficult environment for that”. However, he has managed to adapt by taking appointments for people to come by and seek help while social distancing; as well as assisting people over the phone and email.

Jeff has also seen other businesses in the Estevan area pivot as well. Some of the main things he’s observed are online orders, curb side pickup, delivery, and take out services. He also explained that because people have been staying home, they have had time to work on projects around their homes that they usually wouldn’t have had. This has been especially beneficial for companies that provide renovation services or sell renovation supplies.

Jeff believes Community Futures (CF) Sunrise is a vital resource for entrepreneurs in our region. “When I was first establishing here, I had a lot of people tell me CF Sunrise is the first place I should go,” he said.  He explained how CF Sunrise is a great place for people to start with their business, and that “It’s known as a place where people can go for business knowledge and support”.

Finally, Jeff had a few pieces of advice for future entrepreneurs in our region. “There are a lot of resources available for people looking to start a business! There are a lot of people around whose job it is to help whether it’s me at the incubator, CF Sunrise, or another organization like Square One. If you have any questions at all, we’re more than happy to help you.  Get as much advice as you can before you’re too invested. There’s no need to do it alone, that’s what we’re here for”!

Southeast Business Startup:  403 9th Avenue | Estevan, SK  | S4A 0W2   P: (306) 634-3895 C: (306) 750-3440