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11 - 3rd Street North East, Weyburn, SK - Phone: (306) 842-8803

Brady's House of Flowers - Weyburn, SK

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When asked if purchasing Brady’s House of Flowers was what she expected it would be, owner Sarah Siwy laughed and said, “Absolutely not. It is so much more than just playing with flowers.”  

Sarah and her husband Francis Lessard took over the flower shop in 2014.  She recalled driving by it one day and thinking it would be a good business decision for her. When they took it over, they were able to modernize everything and make it their own. This meant that apart from the staff, they started completely fresh.  “With the exception of the flowers,” she added.

She encourages anyone thinking of becoming an entrepreneur to do their research.  “You really need to know what you’re getting into, because it’s a lot of work. Even when you’re home, you’re still there in some ways.”  She adds that it takes a lot of planning, as the flower shop is already organized for Winter 2020 and Spring 2021. 

Finally, Sarah was asked about the impact CF Sunrise had on her business.  “We were actually recommended by the bank to come to you, and without you we couldn’t have done this.  You made such a huge difference.” Congratulations to Brady’s House of Flowers for all of your hard work and accomplishments!

Contact Brady’s House of Flowers at:

(306) 842-4011 

Or visit their Facebook page here!