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Zaanti Spa Zaanti Spa Zaanti Spa

Entrepreneur Jamie Powell has an amazingly creative mind, great head for business and such a positive outlook that it seems her challenges quickly transition into opportunties.

Jamie sat down with CF Sunrise general manager, Verna O'Neill, and provided a fresh outlook to some business questions for this online article.  Here is the unvarnished truth about her evolution as an entrepreneur, business owner and industry leader . . . in her own words.

Verna: Thanks for updating us on all of the developments in your business Jamie, I'm really excited to help you tell your story!

Jamie:  We are making some big changes to the business, so this is perfect timing.

Verna:  Way back when, what inspired you to open your spa in Carnduff, Saskatchewan?

Jamie:  When I was 18, and officially became a licensed Esthetician, I was confident that if I stayed and worked in a large city, I would need a second part-time job to pay my monthly bills.  I wanted so badly to be an full-time Esthetician and work on my own schedule.  So I decided to move home to Carnduff, work for myself and serve my clients in a way that felt right to me.

Verna:  How have you grown as an entrepreneur, and how has the business evolved over the years?

Jamie: As of May 1, 2018, Zaanti Spa has officially been operating for seven years!  I always said I would give it 10 years and see where I was at, but I'm constantly changing and evolving the business.  It's been quite an enjoyable process.  

I have grown immensely as an entrepreneur since the age of 18!  I've learned so much about bookkeeping, customer service, sustainability and burn-out.  I'm slowly learning the right balance of work and play.  It takes a lot of energy to run a business, and it's very easy to give it all away to your clients.  So learning how to serve and also maintain a social life has been the most challenging.

Zaanti Spa itself has evolved in more ways than one over the years.  The most obvious are the physical changes of the spa itself.  Zaanti Spa has operated in three separate locations but has been in the current location for six years, thanks to financing arranged through Community Futures Sunrise.  We have evolved our customer service, and our retail and service list are constantly changing to suit our clients' needs. 

I think the biggest change we've made is improving our eco footprint as a salon.  We encourage recycling of all our retail products and have been a green circle salon for just over a year now.  This means we recycle almost everything that we use as a salon/spa, including coffee grounds, hair, cotton, plastic, leftover colour and much more!  This makes me very proud.

Verna:  That's amazing Jamie, congratulations!  Now, tell us about what products you retail in the shop and what spa services you offer at Zaanti.

Jamie:  We currently offer hair and spa services including therapeutic massage, facials and hot stone therapy.  We retail AG, Joico and a few other hair products.  Zaanti Spa is the only Mad Hippie Skin Care retailer in Saskatchewan!  We also sell Hempz, CBD Daily, Crystals, and some metaphysical products.  Our plan is to launch an online store to sell products online before the end of the year.

Verna: That's quite a product and service list! Okay, the final question . . .I've got to know what the big changes are that you've made to the business.

Jamie:  This article couldn't have come at a better time because we made some significant changes at Zaanti Spa recently!  My partner of five years will be joining Zaanti Spa to help make it a smoother sailing ship.  We are also about to open our newest project called Moonstone Studio.  This studio will offer regular yoga, ceremonies and workshops.  It's a space for healing, relaxation and personal growth.  To aid in the support that we provide with Moonstone Studio, we now sell crystals, smudges, crystal pendants and other metaphysical items.  As of September 10, 2018 it is open for rental!

Verna:  Thank you Jamie for sharing your tremendous story with us!

Find Zaanti Spa in Carnduff at 820 Railway Avenue, online at or on Facebook @Zaanti Relaxation Spa