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Saskatchewan Employment Standards Workshop

  • November 4, 2014
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

As a business owner or manager, one of your biggest responsibilities is to your employees. It's important to know what your rights and obligations are to your employees under the Saskatchewan Employment Act. Join Community Futures (CF) Sunrise and the Carlyle Chamber of Commerce on November 19, 2014 for a closer look at employment standards in Saskatchewan.

"We'll be bringing in Glen Brooman who is an Educational Consultant with the Ministry of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety. He has close to 30 years of experience with the Saskatchewan Employment Act so is a wealth of knowledge. Glen will lead the session and he promises that there will be ample time to ask specific workplace questions," comments Verna O'Neill, General Manager of CF Sunrise.

"Topics such as minimum wage, overtime, modified work arrangements, employment leave, layoffs and terminations will all be covered during the workshop. It's important in business that you understand your rights and requirements so we'd encourage small business owners to attend and find out more about these topics," says O'Neill. "The session facilitator, Glen Brooman, was in Weyburn last month and those that came to that workshop said it was really worth their time to attend."

The Saskatchewan Employment Standards Workshop will take place on Wednesday, November 19th from 1pm to 4pm at the Skyline Motor Inn in Carlyle. Registration is required, so please call the Carlyle Chamber of Commerce to attend: 306.453.6167.