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Social Media Session in Carlyle

  • February 18, 2014
  • Written by Sunrise Admin
Mike Klein and Harley Rivet Mike Klein and Harley Rivet

Social media and communication experts, Harley Rivet and Mike Klein, came to Carlyle to lead a workshop looking at the many digital marketing options available to small business. Business owners, managers and marketing personnel joined them on April 16, 2014 at the Skyline Inn as they discussed how to create compelling on-line content, email marketing best practices, how to maximize Facebook to create engagement, and much more. This was a half-day workshop, and targeted anyone looking to take a deeper dive into social media and internet marketing for business.

Both Harley and Mike are from Saskatoon, and have close to 30 years combined experience in the social media, marketing and communication industries. Mike Klein, CEO of Meshy Communications Inc. and Harley Rivet, CEO of Deep Dish Digital provided a hands-on, practical and informative business workshop. The session was sponsored by the Carlyle and Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Futures (CF) Sunrise and the Ministry of the Economy.

"The Chamber of Commerce was pleased to be a part of bringing this session to Carlyle. Our area of the province is a busy place, and as business owners we're always looking for ways to stay connected with our customers. Social media can help us stay in touch and create conversations with clients," commented Martin Tourand, President of the Carlyle and area Chamber of Commerce.

"The session facilitators, Mike and Harley, have an engaging presentation style, and will provided practical information that business owners can use on an everyday basis. They took an in-depth dive into social media tools for business and how to effectively connect with customers," commented Verna O'Neill, of CF Sunrise.

"We discussed the most important components of an effective website, strategies to maximize Facebook and Email to create engagement and increase response rates, and a lot more," commented session facilitator Harley Rivet.

Approximately 30 people attended the session, and the session evaluation was extremely positive. 

If you are connected to economic development in southeast Saskatchewan and are interested to host a business learning session in your community, contact Verna O'Neill with Community Futures Sunrise:  1.877.851.9997.