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Workforce Roundtables to Address Key Business Needs

  • March 25, 2024
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

CF Sunrise Hosts Workforce Roundtables to Address Key Business Needs From Business Survey

Weyburn, SK – Community Futures Sunrise

Community Futures (CF) Sunrise supports the development of our regional economy by supporting the growth and development of small businesses and communities. The organization is pleased to announce the completion of their regional business survey. The survey was developed in order to help the organization better understand the current needs of the local business community. This initiative is part of CF Sunrise's ongoing commitment to fostering economic growth and development in southeast Saskatchewan.

The survey, conducted over the past several months, has provided valuable insight into the challenges and opportunities facing local businesses. Among the key findings, issues related to workforce retention and recruitment emerged as prominent concerns for business owners in the region.

“The business survey is an important tool to help our office understand the challenges faced by businesses within our region, said Christina Birch, Regional Economic Development Coordinator for CF Sunrise. “The insights gathered from the survey help inform our programming and services, ensuring that we are effectively meeting the needs of business owners in our region. It is evident from the responses that workforce retention and recruitment is at the top of mind for many business owners.”

The survey results identified that 53 percent of survey respondents are experiencing difficulty with employee recruitment, while at the same time, 30 percent of respondents are having difficulty retaining employees. In addition, 62 percent of businesses anticipate future employee recruitment and retention challenges in the next three to five years. In response to these findings, CF Sunrise is taking proactive steps to help address the identified needs of the business community. One such initiative involves the organization moving forward with a series of workforce roundtables.

"Building the future of our communities starts with understanding the present challenges,” said Andria Brady, General Manager of CF Sunrise. “Through our Workforce Roundtables, CF Sunrise aims to empower businesses to shape solutions that drive economic growth and foster thriving communities in southeast Saskatchewan."

"We recognize the vital role that businesses play in driving economic prosperity in our communities,” said Birch. “The upcoming roundtables will provide business owners with an opportunity to work collaboratively, share insights and contribute to strategies that address workforce challenges in southeast Saskatchewan.”

Birch encourages those who are interested in attending an upcoming roundtable to contact her directly at (306) 861-7013 or by email at

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Andria Brady, General Manager