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Influencers set to shine a spotlight on exploring like a local in southeast Sask

  • June 9, 2022
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

 Weyburn, SK – June 9, 2022: Community Futures Sunrise (CF Sunrise) recently launched a new regional multi-media campaign that drives regional tourism goals forward with the intent to welcome more visitors.

The Explore SE Sask campaign, launched June 8, 2022, points users to a number of multi-media sources to learn about the variety of experiences southeast Saskatchewan offers.

"Today, we are happy to announce the launch of the collaboration we have started with local explorers that will share their experiences," shared Christina Birch, Project Manager and Regional Economic Development Coordinator for CF Sunrise. "We can tell people why our region is great, but why not hear it from the people who know the region the best – those who live and work here."

Eight SE Explorers will share their experiences of exploring the region and their own backyards through the Explore SE Sask Facebook and Instagram pages, their own social media channels and on a soon-to-be-launched ExploreSEsask website.

"We are excited to introduce to Saskatchewan and Canada, our southeast Explorers,” said Birch. “These individuals are passionate and enthusiastic about our region and showcasing it beyond borders, and we are thrilled to have them as part of the Explore SE Sask team. They will be visiting destination businesses, traveller hotspots, and hidden gems within communities throughout southeastern Saskatchewan.”

Their tales and adventures turn wanderlust dreams into reality and tempt us to follow them as we watch and plan for our own adventures. From heavenly beaches to breathtaking views or notable dining experiences, they'll take us in their virtual suitcases on journeys across the region, and we'll live vicariously through their eyes."

The Explorers

Monique Wilms wears many hats. She is a mother of two, wife, teacher, homeschool curriculum writer, photographer and content creator for Tourism Estevan. Monique and her family love to add education and learning while exploring.

Justin Marcotte hails from Torquay, Saskatchewan, where he farms and sells crop insurance. He loves southeast Saskatchewan because it is full of down-to-earth people. He loves taking road trips to look at the scenery and trying new places to eat along the way.

Brady Johnson is a southeast Saskatchewan-born business owner and outdoor enthusiast. She loves hiking and paddle boarding and is always on the hunt for a delicious meal.

Pam Altwasser, Shannon Douglas, and Connie Arndt have been friends for what may seem like a lifetime. They became fast friends when they met through farming and their kids’ sporting activities. They have travelled across North America and Saskatchewan; together, they are the Red Chair Amigos.

Lindsay Manko-Bauche - is a mother of two young children and hails from Weyburn. She was born and raised there and moved around the country for schooling and jobs before returning home to start a family. She believes there is so much wonder around us and feels the southeast is too humble. She is ready to tackle sharing her young families travel experiences.

Alida-born, Nicole Currie, is a mother and grandmother. She loves southeast Saskatchewan; in particular, the small-town beauty, sunrises, sunsets and that she gets to experience all seasons.