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Low-interest Microloans help small business in southeast SK

  • November 16, 2020
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

We all know that 2020 has been extremely challenging for small business everywhere, including our southeast Saskatchewan region.  Community Futures (CF) Sunrise understands the difficulties that entrepreneurs are facing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of the recovery of the economy.  That’s why CF Sunrise is unveiling two new low-interest business microloans to help boost companies through this tight time, and to help entrepreneurs with new ideas start their ventures in the southeast.

“Now more than ever we need to stand by our small business community as they manage through the impact of Covid-19,” says CF Sunrise general manager, Verna O’Neill.  “We’re offering low-interest microloans of up to $25,000 to help business owners start, pivot, maintain or even expand their operations.  Our new Biz Start and Biz Boost microloans offer low interest rates, flexible repayment terms and no application fee.  At CF Sunrise, we really want to make these funds available to those businesses that need the financial support in our southeast Saskatchewan region.”

The Biz Start and Biz Boost low-interest business microloans can be applied for online at or by calling the CF Sunrise office at 1-306-842-8803.  “It’s our hope that by providing an online application, our busy entrepreneurs can apply after hours or at any time that suits their schedule!  And we’re just an email or call away to answer questions about our new microloan program.  We want entrepreneurs to find the answers they need without the frustration of long wait times or caller menus.”   

If you would like more information on this low-interest business microloan, please visit the CF Sunrise website at or call 1-306-842-8803.