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Get to Know the CF Sunrise Board

  • March 5, 2019
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

Meet Michelle Howse, CF Sunrise board member since 2014.  Michelle represents her community of Radville, and the larger southeast Saskatchewan region.  Here are her comments about why she volunteers on the CF Sunrise Board of Directors:

 "I decided to join the board because of my love for entrepreneurship.  I get excited when someone talks about a new idea for a business, and it’s gratifying to help them all the way from start to opening the doors and then provide ongoing support to help them succeed.

I enjoy being the connection between my community members and Community Futures.  So many times a community member may off-handedly talk about a side business or new full-time venture they want to start, but they aren’t sure how to find the start-up information they need.  That’s where Community Futures comes in.  With a little help in the right direction, and business planning tools from Community Futures, entrepreneurs start on a firmer foundation and are so grateful for this assistance.  I really like being an ambassador for Community Futures in my community.

When I see challenges in the business community in my region, I can make recommendations to Community Futures about business training or advisory services and support that entrepreneurs may need.  Connecting businesses to the resources they need makes a world of difference and is very satisfying as a board member."

Thank you Michelle for your enthusiasm, dedication and expertise on the CF Sunrise board.