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Zaylie Furniture & Appliances, Moosomin, SK - tribute to small business

  • January 21, 2019
  • Written by Sunrise Admin


Community Futures (CF) Sunrise has been serving southeast Saskatchewan for more than 20 years, assisting entrepreneurs as they start-up, expand or buy businesses in the region.  With an office located in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, CF Sunrise offers business advice and coaching, business workshops and financing options to assist when entrepreneurs need it most.  “Our mission is to assist entrepreneurs as they develop strong businesses in the southeast corner of the province.  The business loans, learning resources and advice we provide all work to help the entrepreneur reach their business goals,” says Verna O’Neill, general manager of CF Sunrise. “Our focus is always on our customers and we certainly get a lot done with very few people!  CF Sunrise has three hard-working and knowledgeable staff members in the office, and our board is made up of eight dedicated volunteers from throughout the region.”

Working one-on-one with clients as they develop their business plans has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the job for CF Sunrise’s business lender, Teresa LaFoy.  “I know that with the extra business coaching provided by CF Sunrise, these entrepreneurs will have a better idea of their start-up requirements, their monthly cash flow needs and their ability to meet payment obligations to creditors.  When CF Sunrise provides small business financing to a company, we always keep in contact.  We work with communities in our region to organize business training sessions, and these workshops help to educate and inspire entrepreneurs even after they’ve been in business for a long time!  We bring together like-minded individuals in a great peer environment during our training sessions, and wow, the ideas that come from those sessions are game-changers for the companies that attend.”

One of CF Sunrise’s clients, Zaylie Furniture & Appliances, has been serving their customers in Moosomin and area since the spring of 2017. Owners Wayne McGonigal and Arvelle Leslie are excellent examples of successful entrepreneurs that have tapped into CF Sunrise’s services.  Wayne and Arvelle found a market need, invested in their community and work hard every day to serve their customers and realize their business goals. “It is very fulfilling to stop in and visit our clients, and see them adding value to the community they serve.  For instance, Zaylie Furniture & Appliances has an amazing showroom, offers a wide array of furniture and appliances to the regional market and always have an eye on what their customers need,” comments LaFoy.

Homebased businesses, non-profit organizations looking to start a money-making side to their operations, and small businesses that need a boost to their inventory should contact CF Sunrise for assistance.  “We really do serve such a wide-array of business clients, and encourage entrepreneurs to contact us if they have questions as they develop their companies,” says O’Neill.  “We have loan funds, business planning tools, cash flow templates and fresh marketing ideas for companies in our region.  CF Sunrise really is a one-stop business information hub for southeast Saskatchewan.”

Tell us about your next big (or small!) business idea, and we'll help you turn that idea into reality. Talk with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today. We're happy to help.

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