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Community Futures Sunrise

11 - 3rd Street North East, Weyburn, SK - Phone: (306) 842-8803

CF Sunrise helps young entrepreneurs

  • July 11, 2018
  • Written by Sunrise Admin

Over the summer months kids are enjoying fun in the sun, getting out to parks and pools, creating their own backyard games and setting up driveway lemonade stands. So it’s no surprise that Community Futures (CF) Sunrise is encouraging students to explore their local community and look for opportunities to be entrepreneurial!

By setting up that lemonade stand, becoming a fabulous babysitter or providing lawn care to neighbors, young people can flex their micro-business muscles, earn money and learn some valuable lessons along the way.

“We can sit down with young entrepreneurs and talk about the steps to starting a business. Tasks like recordkeeping and marketing are important to any business, and can seem daunting especially to someone new to business. Community Futures (CF) Sunrise staff are ready to mentor young entrepreneurs as they operate their summer businesses. We encourage entrepreneurs to give us a call or stop in to discuss their ideas!” says Verna O’Neill, general manager of CF Sunrise.

To contact CF Sunrise: or 1.877.851.9997.