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Top 10 Conversations to Have with Your Bookkeeper

  • February 1, 2018
  • Written by Sunrise Admin


Are you doing all you can to keep your business books on track?

Join us for lunch and a discussion on the ‘Top 10 Conversations to Have with Your Bookkeeper’.  Hear from experts as they give easy-to-follow, practical advice on keeping your companies books in great shape.  This luncheon session will be held on   February 13, 2018 at 11:30am – 1:00pm in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. Business owners and managers are encouraged to attend.

This event is proudly sponsored by MNP and Community Futures (CF) Sunrise.

“During our discussions with small business owners in the region, we found a number of common misconceptions related to bookkeeping and accounting,” comments Teresa LaFoy with CF Sunrise.  “This luncheon will be a great learning opportunity to get clarity on the real bookkeeping requirements and obligations every owner faces when they run a business.”

Melanie Dammann & Erika Manko from MNP in Weyburn will present at the luncheon and focus on topics such as important business deadlines, crucial financial reports, GST and PST requirements, tracking your account receivables and much more.  “To operate a successful business, you need to know your numbers and have good processes in place to meet government remittance deadlines.  There’s nothing worse than receiving that dreaded phone call from CRA saying that you are behind on your GST remittance.  Especially when you didn’t realize you were behind!” comments Manko.  “By offering this luncheon session we can provide some tips on keeping business records up-to-date and ultimately how companies can remain in good standing with investors, creditors and government departments.”

To register for this event, please contact CF Sunrise:  306.842.8803 or   There is a $10 charge to attend this luncheon session in Carlyle, Saskatchewan. Lunch is provided and space is limited so register early.