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Tech Camp results in Fun and Games!

  • August 1, 2017
  • Written by Sunrise Admin
Participants in the Tech Camp pose with instructors from Sask Polytechnic Participants in the Tech Camp pose with instructors from Sask Polytechnic


Take 12 teenagers with a lot of creativity and eagerness to learn about game coding, combine it with some time in an impressive, new computer lab and you’ll get a successful Tech Camp.  Hosted by Community Futures (CF) Sunrise, the Tech Camp was held July 24 to 27 at the Southeast College campus in Weyburn.  Through the four camp days, teenagers experienced the exciting world of digital game-making. 


 “The kids learned important game coding skills, had instructors from Sask Polytechnic who were knowledgeable about the art of game-making, and they also discussed the future of the tech industry with guest speakers in both the gaming industry and the business world.  These young people really did get a small taste of what it’s like to work in the gaming industry or own a game-making business,” comments Verna O’Neill of CF Sunrise.


The camp participants enjoyed their experience at the Tech Camp.  The young attendees commented:


  • ‘Seeing my game go from scratch to playable was what I liked best about this camp.’

  • ‘This is the best camp I’ve been to.’

  • ‘I think the camp was great for people who love video games or are interested in coding.’

  • ‘The best part of the camp is when we Skyped people in.’


Special thanks to Jordan Schidlowsky owner of Noodlecake Studios in Saskatoon for joining the camp via Skype, and sharing his business experience with these young game-makers.  Also, thank you to Southeast College for the use of their computer lab for the Tech Camp in Weyburn, teacher Margot Arnold & Junior Achiever Sam Ferguson for their presentation to the group. 

CF Sunrise was proud to work with many partners and sponsors to make this camp available in southeast Saskatchewan.