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September 19, 2023

2023-24 Refresh Winners

This years Refresh Program was no easy process to pick winners. Community Futures Southwest found all the applications that were submitted to be of value and worthy of grant dollars. However, it is not possible to fund them all.

Community Futures Southwest wishes to thank all the Communities; RM's; Municipalities and Organizations that applied. We encourage you to apply for the new program in February!

Here are this years winners for the 2023 Refresh Program - Community Futures Southwest wish all the winners congratulations!!

  • RM of Lone Tree
  • Village of Neville
  • Swift Current Fencing Club
  • Shamrock Regional Park
  • Southwest Settlers Museum
  • Village of Rush Lake
  • Village of Neville
  • Village of Val Marie
  • Village of Bracken
  • Swift Current Minor Hockey
  • Gull Lake Rink
  • Canadian Mental Health Association
  • Town of Shaunavon
  • Town of Herbert
  • Town of Cabri
  • Webb Recreation Board
  • Steward Valley Stringer Strong Fire Recovery
  • Town of Eastend
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This year's Refresh Program was a bit different from what we have ran in the past. The application process was an online application. For us, this is way easier to track and accept the applications. Especially, in these times of the Pandemic. However, I know those applying were not as keen on the online site. But once we helped them walk through the process, I feel it went well for them.

This year we had a total of 18 applications come to us and we were able to fund 16 of those applications. The total investment to this year's Refresh Program is $23,445.00 that will be granted to various organizations and communities in our region for them to complete their projects. The various project ideas are the exciting part of the program and this year did not dissapoint!

Here are the list of winners for the 2021 Refresh Program -

Town of Gull Lake .. Eagles Community Center Sign Project .. $1500

Village of Hazlet .. Community Green Space Project .. $1000

Town of Shaunavon .. Cemetery Project .. $2000

Town of Maple Creek .. Welcome sign project .. $365

Village of Tompkins .. Park upgrade project .. $1000

Alleykatz Early Learning Center .. Building Maintenance .. $2000

Village of Val Marie .. Windows upgrades .. $1500

Village of Cabri .. Green space upgrade project .. $1000

Town of Kyle .. Daycare Project .. $2000

Hamlet of Bracken .. Park upgrade project .. $1000

Village of Eastend .. Welcome sign project .. $1080

Village of Rush Lake .. Rink upkeep project .. $1500

Village of Abbey .. ABC Center landscape project .. $1500

Village of Richmound .. Mainstreet project .. $2000

Village of Vanguard .. Restore town square statue project .. $2000

Hamlet of Neville .. Welcome sign project .. $2000

*Note for all those winners, as always, if the funds are needed in advance to project preparations please contact Kara at Community Futures Southwest and we will work with you to have them to you sooner than later. Any extensions on deadlines for the projects, and to send a final report of the project again, please contact Kara. You can also email to


Next year's Refresh Program applications will be loaded to the online portal and will open in January 2022. The deadline to apply will be February 28, 2022. If you have applied before there is no rule you can not apply again so apply as many times as required. We like to see the various projects for your community and the organizations making up your communities! Looking forward to next year's program.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year's program. We are excited to see the finished project!!

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November 15, 2019

Refresh Program Applications

The 2019-20 Refresh Program Application process is now open!

Apply as many times as your community needs. The more projects we can help out with, the better your homes will be!

If you have any questions about the program please contact Kara at 306.778.4242 or


Some of the past projects include ...

  • The Wolly Mammoth in Kyle, Sask
  • Landscaping in Leader, Sask
  • Street signs for emergency services in Rush Lake, Sask
  • Business Center in Abby, Sask
  • Welcome Town sign in Vanguard, Sask ... and so so many more communities and projects!!
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