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Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

RM of Fox Valley 2014 Project

  • October 31, 2014
  • Written by Southwest Admin

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The RM of Fox Valley were one of our winners of the 2014 Community Beautification Program. They entered with a project that would enhance the main street. Fox Valley wanted to make an area were people of the community and people passing through could come and enjoy. The area has a mural on the wall of the building and it is beautiful. There is a pergola in the area and the plan is to put benches and tables for all to enjoy in the next steps of the project. Volunteers painted the frame of the mural also putting up fresh wood. The cement fox statue that was placed there was taken and repainted as well. The project is in the beggining steps and we can't wait to see it completed!!

Community Futures Southwest gave $465.00 towards the project this year, but we are hoping to give more in the years to come to see the community square complete as we feel it is a worth project. Once complete, we will put pictures up to showcase. Fox Valley should be proud of the work they are doing because it is really paying off!!