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Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Bringing back history to the Herbert Museum

  • August 27, 2013
  • Written by Southwest Admin

Today we presented the Herbert Heritage Association a cheque for $1300.00, towards their 2013 Community Beautification Project. The Association has been working at restoring the Herbert Museum back to it's original luster. The building is the old Canadian Pacific Railway building with a nice deck on the front and it connects to two other train cars filled with history of Herbert. The building itself which is used for the museum also has historic train artifacts and models of the way the Town of Herbert once was. It also holds a coffee shop which is a meeting place for the people of Herbert. Great food and baked goods; ice creams and coffee; along with taking a walk down memory lane,  makes the spot a must see tourist attraction!!

The steps that were taken this year to restore the Museum was to build and paint a new picket fence around the front of the deck. Also, they have built flower beds with new bricks and will eventually have the whole beds filled with beautiful flowers. The next steps for the Museum is shingling, adding new buildings, extending the eating area, cleaning up the yards and so much more to really bring the place to life. We look forward to following the progress and helping out whenever we can, as the project is a wonderful addition to the community!!