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Image Credit: Tourism Saskatchewan/Greg Huszar Photography

Hazlet's hard work can be seen by everyone

  • August 16, 2013
  • Written by Southwest Admin

Hazlet was a winner of the Community Beautification Program in 2012-13 and their project came to it's finishing stages recently! Hazlet took a CPR building that was still in the community and moved it to the area, they then built a garden for the community to enjoy. They used bricks and rocks to make pathways around the garden. Landscaped the area, added trees and flowers. The CPR building has a close to scale model of the town in the "glory days", also some pictures they have dug out that show history of the town. There is a monument in the center of the garden and beautiful vines grow around a backdrop to that. The whole area is spectacular and a must see!!! We presented Hazlet with a cheque for $850.00 towards the project.

Hazlet even went as far as having signs made that showcase the town's history and placed them all over Hazlet. There is ones for the Co-Op, the school, the town itself and a few more. The signs turned out great and are very interesting to read! Such a nice edition....

You can see the hard work Hazlet has done, and their centenial which was this summer 2013 was a huge success. The Economic Development Officer of the Town of Hazlet mentioned there were around 800 people who came. We are proud of the work Hazlet did and proud to see how the whole town stepped up to volunteer and pitch in. The EDO also mentioned they have brought in another heritage building for some, undecided as this point, plans...we will be keeping you update on the progress with pictures. We can't wait to see what the town has in store for the future!!!