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Indigenous Business Development Services (IBDS)

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The Indigenous Business Development Services (IBDS) Program offers support for indigenous entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan.

From helping start - ups get off the ground, to expanding an established business - we are here to help!

Whether your business is home-based, cloud based, located on main street or just an idea we are here to help!

The IBDS program offers assistance with:  
o general business information, like understanding how to register a business name
o start-up or growth strategies
o creating a business plan
o business management and leadership training
o getting prepared for financing
o helpful advice when you have questions and don't know where to start

This program also helps make connections and develop relationships with mentors, supporters and other like-minded people in communities.  

Our one-on-one support model means we are right there with you, helping you navigate our network of programs and service providers.  We take the guesswork out of starting a business and help you on the path to success faster.  

Call us!  

You'll find more information by following this link Indigenous Business Development Services