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Because It's My Home

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Locally driven initiatives are happening in many of the communities in the Sagehill region. Tourism, arts and cultural opportunities, orchard and market garden development, local food strategies, value added processing, rejuvenating vacant properties, community branding and marketing, business retention and expansion strategies, creating community and/or business plans and the development of growth strategies are just several examples of community initiatives taking place in our region.

We’re involved in many projects happening in our region but we always have time for one more project – yours. So whether you’re looking for assistance with crafting a strategy, securing money to move your project forward, developing bylaws, board development, writing a proposal or identifying opportunities call us. 

While the projects are different, one from the other, the drive is the same - to strengthen the communities within our region.

We look forward to working with you; Because It’s Our Home, too.

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