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Sagehill Admin

Sagehill Admin

Sagehill Board Members Loa, Denis and Kevin, are attending the Pan West Community Futures Conference in Kelowna, BC. Our Corporation encourages Board Members to be continuous learners and this conference provides learning and networking opportunities. #SaskatchewanCommunityFuturesReps

February 23, 2024

Sagehill Scavenger Hunt!

Sagehill is promoting our Members’ businesses by hosting a scavenger hunt! Check out our members directory at and watch for further details!

#supportingourmembers #supportlocal

Check out Sagehill's Business Tips and Tools for February 2024

  • Using Diplomacy in Small Business: Navigating Challenges with Grace
  • Using Systems to Improve Accuracy
  • Coach's Corner - Taking Responsibility

Looking for Tips and Tools for your small business? Here are the topics for this month:

  • Story-Branding for Small Businesses: Building Authentic Connections
  • Identifying and Transforming Unproductive Behaviour
  • Coach's Corner - Three Concepts to Enhance Our Well-being, Productivity and Fulfillment

To view the articles, click here:

Sagehill Newsletter – Tips & Tools for Small Business 

Here's a list of topics this month:

  • Loans Advice Support
  • Hiring Strategies During a Labour Shortage
  • Get Your Ideas Across Effectively
  • Coach's Corner - Six Ways to Reflect and Recharge This Fall

To view the full Newsletter, please visit:

30 virtual sessions are now available to small and rural business owners


10 Sessions and Presenters Announced!

Ten new virtual training sessions will be offered per year beginning in November 2023 until February 2026, for a total of 30 sessions. They will cover a variety of topics designed to support small and rural businesses to start up and grow their operations successfully as well as a series of Economic Development focused sessions and Board Training.

The initiative is aimed at small businesses including startups, existing businesses, young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, Indigenous entrepreneurs, new Canadians, co-operatives, municipalities, towns and affiliated agencies. Each training session is strategically planned to open doors, provide tools, teach skills, introduce resources and help build capacity. Specific sessions range from automation, online platforms, outsourcing and technology to selling a business and succession planning to transitioning into retirement.

To register and to view a complete list of sessions, please visit the Event Section on the site!

Check out the September Issue of Business Tips & Tools! 

Here's a list of article topics:

  • Loans, Advice, Support
  • Becoming a TEDx Speaker
  • Should You Follow Your Passion?
  • Coach's Corner - How Changing Yourself May Change Others

To view the article, click here! 

Are you looking for Small Business Tips and Tools? Sagehill is please to share the August Edition! Check it out!

Sagehill July Newsletter – Tips & Tools for Small Business!

Topics covered this month: Loans, Advice, Support, CFIB Monthly Business Optimism Overview, Social Media Strategy for Micro-Enterprises, Coach's Corner - Creating a Career Vision: A Step-by-Step Guide

Sagehill's June 2023 Newsletter is HERE!

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