Community Futures Prince Albert & District

5B 598 15th Street East, Prince Albert, SK - Phone: (306) 763-8125

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About Community Futures Prince Albert & District

To create a diverse, sustainable community by supporting local, community-based economic development and small business support.


  • To foster economic diversification
  • To provide business support and access to capital
  • To build economic development partnerships
  • To advance and implement community projects
  • To promote a vibrant, diversified future for rural Saskatchewan


  • Community-based decision-making is the key to shaping our economic future.
  • Diversification is crucial to the health of small communities.
  • The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in rural and northern Saskatchewan.

Prince Albert and District Staff

General Manager
Sharon Muntain
Ph: 306-763-8125

Office Administrator
Dianne Hutchinson
PH: 306-763-8125

Charlene Seidenthal
PH: 306-763-8125

Board of Directors

Steve Jeffers (Chairperson)
Betty Makelki  (Vice Chair)

Marlaina Hauser
Tyler Kinash
Angela Weinrich
Patricia Hughes
Carolyn Carleton
Richard Wilson
Teresa Hanson
Kristie Stead
Terri Davis



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