The Ultimate Goal-Setting Guide for Entrepreneurs: 6 Steps to Turn Your Passion into a Plan

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77% of entrepreneurs haven’t yet achieved their business goals.

That means 3 out of every 4 small business owners are falling victim to the cycle of busyness instead of making meaningful progress toward their dreams. They probably don’t even realize that they’re not focusing on the right things!

We’ll teach you how to break out of that cycle of busyness to make your big ideas a reality.

At Community Futures Saskatchewan, we have more than 30 years of experience helping small business owners like you navigate the peaks and pitfalls of entrepreneurship.

We understand how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to know which goals to focus on and which are just a waste of time. Even if they do go down the right path, it is not uncommon for small business owners to struggle to accomplish these goals and stay financially afloat.

That’s why we have created The Ultimate Goal-Setting Guide for Entrepreneurs!

This detailed guide includes:

  • 6 easy steps to transform an idea into a strategic roadmap
  • Proven goal-setting strategies
  • Tactics to efficiently and realistically manage your limited time
  • Tips to prioritize your to-do list for maximum results
  • A system for differentiating between urgent and important tasks, in order to avoid time wasters
  • How to stay flexible when you hit dead ends

Simply enter your contact information in the form below to download the free step-by-step guide now!

BONUS: If you have any questions about the guide or just want to learn more, you also have access to Community Futures Saskatchewan’s many business resources and workshops, hosted at 13 convenient locations. They are perfect for entrepreneurs who have been in business for years or those just starting out. Find your nearest location at

*This workshop is intended for informational and inspirational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional and/or legal advice.*


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