The Art of Your Start: How to Create the Right Business Right Now!

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Have you always wanted to start a business that you love while creating the freedom and fulfillment of being your own boss?

Do you want to launch a company that leverages your unique skills, strengths, and talents, while also making a good living?

Are you looking to make the entrepreneurial leap, but feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and have no idea where to start?


For more than 30 years, Community Futures Saskatchewan has been committed to helping aspiring business owners create successful and sustainable businesses across the province. As a result, we entirely understand the endless questions that many emerging entrepreneurs have, as well as the variety of challenges that can arise at the beginning of any new business journey. For those very reasons, we’ve created The Art of Your Start to help you begin to gain the clarity and confidence you’ll need in order to take your first steps down this exciting and rewarding path!

In this short audio workshop, you will learn:

  • The absolute worst reason to start a business and how to avoid this major mistake
  • Why it’s important to be crystal clear on your business vision from the very beginning
  • 10 insightful questions to generate creative and compelling business ideas
  • Simple ways to start researching your business ideas
  • The 4 main issues that new entrepreneurs struggle with, along with some great ideas to help you overcome them
  • Where you can go to find really valuable assistance, support, and funding for your business right here in Saskatchewan

Community Futures Saskatchewan has 13 locations across the province! Our helpful and expertly trained staff can provide you with all of the advice, support, and resources you need to start a business. Please visit to find the office nearest you!

*This workshop is intended for informational and inspirational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional and/or legal advice.*