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YBEX - Youth Business Excellence Awards


What are the YBEX Awards

The Youth Business Excellence Awards recognize and encourage the outstanding achievements of young people in Northeast Saskatchewan! Awards are presented to winners of our business plan competition in three categories:

  • The creation of a business idea and development of a Business Plan (The Dreamer)
  • The operation and evaluation of an operating Youth Business Venture (Taking the Plunge)
  • Operating a Youth Business Venture exhibiting significant growth and development from a prior submission (Seasoned Pro)

Who can Apply

The YBEX awards are open to any student in grade six through twelve attending school in the Newsask CFDC region. The awards are also open to any out of School Youth ages 18-29 living in the Newsask CFDC region.

The YBEX Awards are hosted by Community Futures Newsask and partially funded by Western Economic Diversification Canada.  We believe it is important for young people of our region to explore all of the options available to them as they consider their many choices in the next few years.  Whether the journey begins with post secondary education at a University, a technical college or hands on learning experience, young people need to be aware of the World of Entrepreneurship!


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A Business Plan

What is a business plan? A business plan is a "Map" showing you where you hope to go and how you hope to get there, it is a collection of infomation about your idea. Community Futures, as well as most financial institutions will want to see a complete and accurate business plan before they lend money. If there are going to be suprises, you want to know about them before you start your business. Here is a break down on what your business plan will include:

  1. Describe your Business Idea (outline the concept)
    1. Name of Business
    2. Product or service your business will provide
    3. Business location
  2. Why did you Choose this product or service?
    1. Would you like to own and operate this kind of business?
  3. Expenses
    1. Building/plant
    2. Equipment
    3. Inventory
    4. Start up cost
    5. Sources of financing to start your business
    6. How will your business operate?
    7. How much are your expenses every month?
    8. What are your expenses for the next three years?
  4. Pricing and Sale Estimates
    1. At what price will you sell your products or service?
    2. How did you determine this price?
    3. How much do you expect to make in sales every month?
    4. For the next three years?
    5. How did you arrive at your sales figures?
  5. Competitive Challenges
    1. Are other businesses selling your product or service?
    2. Is your product or service a modified version of something that is currently available in the market place or is it new to the market?
    3. What is different about your product or service compared to your competitors?
    4. Why will customers buy your product or service over that of your competitiors?
  6. Marketing
    1. How will you advertise and sell your product or service?
    2. What ideas do you have for marketing or selling, designing and decorating, etc. your business location?
  7. Product/Service
    1. What "extras" will you offer your customer? (examples: Home deliveries, guarantees, money back policy, on-going service and repairs, information pamphlets, or seminars on how to use your product/service)
  8.  Innovation
    1. Will you need to build, construct, invent or create anything for this business?
    2. Will you use a computer?
    3. For what purpose?
    4. Will you use the internet? EMail? Website?
    5. Will you sell online?
  9. Customer Base
    1. Would your product appeal to a certain age group? Gender? Education? Income? Lifestyle?
  10. Risks and rewards
    1. What may cause your business to be unsuccessful (weather conditions, equipment breakdown, ect.)
    2. What can you do if this does happen?
    3. Is there anything you can do to prevent it from happening?
    4. What challenges might you encounter being young and in business?
    5. Are there advantages of being young and in business?
  11. Goals
    1. What are your goals for your business?
    2. How do you know if your business is successful?
  12. Include any support material from your business that you may have: (example: business cards, advertisements, prototypes, pictures, website, etc.)

Download the following information to apply:

Recent Winners

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