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About Community Futures Newsask

Board Composition

Board members are nominated through the municipal system. There are 12 seats on the Board of Directors. The Newsask region is divided into nine zones and one member is appointed from the First Nations and from the Metis Nation, each serving a three year term. An additional seat is reserved for a Youth Representative, under the age of 30 (18-29 years of age), for a three year term. (All the same privileges) The Board of Directors is structured to provide representation from a cross section of all occupations and sectors of the regional economy. Each Board member shall be at least 18 years of age, in good standing in the community and a resident of the Newsask region for at least six months, and must have their principal place of business/activity in the Newsask region.

Municipal Councils and region/community organizations from each of the nine zones shall nominate Board members. Ballots are then forwarded to each community and R.M. located in that zone. Local band councils and/or district organizations of each representative group shall nominate representatives of the First Nation and the Metis Nation independently or collectively. All municipalities in the Newsask region are contacted to nominate the Youth Representative.

Zone 1 - Alan Bishoff
Zone 2 - Kathy Lindsay
Zone 3 - John Klyne
Zone 4 - Dara McMunn
Zone 5 - Gary Cleaveley
Zone 6 - Hazel Berg
Zone 7 - Cheryl Len
Zone 8 - Vacant
Zone 9 - Jeanine Holowatuik
Metis - Dianne Genaille
First Nation - Vacant
Youth - Rylan Freed

Newsask Staff

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Business Development Officer

Business Services Officer

Executive Administrator

Privacy Officer

Our Privacy Officer can be reached by mail at P.O. Box 357 Tisdale, SK S0E 1T0; by telephone at (306) 873-4449, Toll Free at 1-888-586-9855; by Fax (306) 873-4645 or by e-mail at