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Newsask Services

What makes Newsask Different

  • Newsask provides flexibility to fit the individual needs of the business because we want you to succeed. We will help create a structure that will allow you to be successful.
  • Newsask does not require a down payment. We can assist you with researching your business idea and provide statistics and information to assist you in preparing a business plan.
  • It does not do the client, community, or Newsask any good if the business does not succeed.

Technical Services

  • Includes assistance with preparation of business plans, feasibility studies, consultation, and may include training in various aspects of business.
  • Financial computerized analysis and projections in approximately 2 to 3 hours. This includes a 3 year cash flow, balance sheet, income and expense statements, as well as business ratios and break-even analysis.

Community Development

  • Investing in people and community partnerships.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship.

Financial Assistance

  • We will help provide the capital required to get your business going, with flexibility around security, term and rates.
  • One to five year terms available for up to ten years for land and building.


  • Our self-employment program helps individuals start their business by providing support in training, mentoring, market research, business planning, skill development, etc.

Please call the Newsask office for additional details. We'll be happy to provide assistance.


  1. CF Loan Application
  2. CF Business Plan Guide
  3. CF Cash Flow Worksheet

Business Review

  • We can assist you with a review of your business to enhance it's success.
  • Newsask staff will take your current business information and show you where you are prior to year-end. This is a critical management tool in helping you make informed business decisions.
  • Access to databases and statistical information for comparative purposes.

Small Business Success ebooks

Best Practices and Strategies for Small Business Success: Download PDF

Strategies and Tools for Delivering Great Customer: Download PDF 

Managing Your Greatest Asset: HR Principles for Small Business: Download PDF 

The Small Business Leader: Leadership Strategies for Entrepreneurs: Download PDF

Making Your Business Stand Out: Small Business Marketing Strategies that Really Work: Download PDF 

Sales Tips and Strategies to Increase Your Sales Success: Download PDF 

An Introduction to Social Media: Download PDF 

Starting a Business 101: Download PDF 

Succession Planning 101: Download PDF

Crowd Funding: Download PDF

Winning Government Business: Download PDF

Social Enterprise - An Introduction: Dowload PDF

Writing a Business Plan - One Step at a Time

Turn your business into a business plan
Most lenders will want to see a complete and accurate business plan. More importantly, a business plan will provide you with a map of where you are hoping to go and what you will need to do in order to get there. If there are going to be surprises, you want to know about them now, before you start your business.

These booklets are intended to provide you with a step method of collecting the information you need for your business plan. As you make your way through the working papers, we will explain how to complete each section, the information you need, and where to find it. We provide you with an example, "John's Auto Repair" and, at the end of each booklet, a page defining business terms.

While collecting information for your business plan, it is important that you do not take short cuts and that you complete every section. It is far easier, and less expensive, to fix mistakes "on paper" than after you are in business. If you find extra information that you feel is important, simply attach additional pages.

When predicting the future of your business, be as realistic as possible. Project that the money coming in will not be quite as good as you hope and that the money going out will be higher that you expect. This is often exactly what happens. If you can live with these results, you might have a successful business plan. Remember, the last person in the world you want to fool is yourself!

Download the following booklets as PDF documents

  1. The Personal Financial Statement 
  2. Sales & Cost of Goods 
  3. Start-Up Assets & Investment 
  4. Start-Up & Monthly Expenses 
  5. Market Research 
  6. Financial Summary 
  7. Three Year Financial Statements
  8. Summary and Introduction 
  9. Advertising & Promotion 
  10. Operations Link 
  11. Staff and Management
  12. Sample Business Plan

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