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Newsask Challenge 4 Communities

4 Weeks  —  4 Challenges  —  4 Winners  —  4 Prizes

Celebrating our seventh annual challenge, all community groups (service groups, neighborhood groups, youth groups, senior groups, municipal groups, sports groups, organizations, etc.) are invited to submit a community project that would compete for prize money.

The public will decide the winners with weekly voting on the internet over a four-week format beginning October 28th, 2019. Don’t miss out on this opportunity of prize money for your community group. First Place: $3,000; Second Place: $2,000; Third Place: $1,000; and Fourth Place: $500.

Guidelines, Rules & Regulations

Week 1 - Essay

Little Explorer’s Backyard—Final Phase (PDF)

Melfort Youth Evolution's Get Rollin' Retro (PDF)

Northeast Christian Academy - Playground Project (PDF)

Random Acts of Kindness Project - James Smith Cree Nation (PDF)

The Safe Haven Project (PDF)

Week 2 - Facebook Page

Little Explorer’s Backyard—Final Phase: View Page

Melfort Youth Evolution's Get Rollin' Retro: View Page

Northeast Christian Academy - Playground Project: View Page

Random Acts of Kindness Project - James Smith Cree Nation: View Page

The Safe Haven Project: View Page

Week 3 - YouTube Video

Melfort Youth Evolution:

Safe Haven Project video:

Little Explorer’s Backyard Final Phase:

Northeast Academy Playground:

Random Acts of Kindness:

Week 4 - Radio Ad

The NESPCA Safe Haven Project Radio Ad
“Have you voted for The Safe Haven Project yet?  The North East SPCA wants to help victims of domestic violence heal at the NEOSS Women’s Shelter without having to worry about leaving their beloved pets in the hands of their abuser, free of charge. Everyone knows someone who’s life has been impacted by domestic violence and we hope to erase a significant reason that victims are terrified to leave. Visit our Facebook page, North East SPCA to find the Challenge 4 Communities link.  Vote every 24 hours for the Safe Haven Project to receive crucial funding and help us make sure that no one gets left behind.”


Little Explorers Radio Ad
Little Explorers Daycare has been developing their backyard for 4 years. We have almost completed the backyard— thanks to the generosity of people like you!

Finishing touches include adding shade, more trees, outdoor furniture, and benches along with an outdoor quiet area.

Green space helps children develop their creativity, spirituality, along with helping social, emotional and physical development.

Once again, thanks for helping Little Explorers develop an awesome backyard for the children. They are loving it!


Melfort Youth Evolution Radio Ad
The Melfort Youth Evolution thank you for your support by voting for us in the Challenge 4 Communities.  We appreciate you taking time out of your day to support us. By being involved with the MYE, we have learned about community services, volunteering in our community and help to develop a sense of pride in our community and in turn, help in making our community a safer, more positive and nurturing environment for everyone. Please continue to look for our activities that are free for all youth to attend.


Northeast Christian Academy Radio Ad
The students at the Northeast Christian Academy love to be outside for recess. Favourite recesses and gym classes are spent getting bused to our local parks where they play on the equipment. They would love to have their very own playground right at their school!  So many in this community have gathered around the Northeast Christian Academy to show them that they are behind them and are helping make their playground dreams come true. The playground wouldn’t just be used for school, but also for the church's many programs including outreaches like their Mom’s time out every Wednesday morning and more. They are thankful for the opportunity to share the heart of God with our community and count it a blessing to be able to attend their school at the Northeast Christian Academy.


James Smith Random Act of Kindness Radio Ad
Play "We are the World" in the background

Kindness is Free. Sprinkle that stuff everywhere.

Her: *Good morning, you're looking fabulous today!"

** sounds of pixie dust **

Him: "After you.."
Her: "No, after you..."
Him: "No, no, no, after you. I insist"
Her: "Thank you. Bless you."

** sounds of pixie dust **

Waiter: "Here's your bill"
Her: "lunch is on me today"
Them "Thank you!" "Bless you" "Awesome" "Yay!"

** sounds of pixie dust **

It only takes a minute to bring a smile to someone's face. It only takes a second to brighten someone's day with a random act of kindness.



2018 Winners

We want to congratulate everyone and thank you all for taking the time to participate in The Challenge 4 Communities 2018. The project winners for a total of $6500 in prize money are:

$3,000.00-- 1st place winner- Stovel Park with 8650 votes.

$2,000.00-- 2nd place winner- Little Explorers Daycare with 7451 votes.

$1,000.00-- 3rd place winner- Kelvington Project Play with 1983 votes.

$500.00--    4th place winner- Tisdale Dance Centre with 1042 votes.

Thank you to each and every one of you for submitting, and everyone who participated in the voting. We hope that you all consider to submit projects again next year and make this Challenge an ongoing success.

3rd Kelvington PPIP3rd Kelvington PPIP3rd Kelvington PPIP

Past Winners

2017 Winners

***There was no Challenge in 2016***

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