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Box 357, 903 - 99th Avenue, Tisdale, SK - Phone: (306) 873-4449

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Newsask Admin

Newsask Admin

May 22, 2023

Newsask Loans

Loan Information

Flexible, affordable Community Futures loans are specifically designed for new start-ups, expansions, or to buy a business in a rural community. Solutions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual business and decisions are made locally.


  • $150,000 maximum to any one entity
  • Fixed interest rate and amortization established at time of application
  • No repayment penalties
  • Application and administration fees will apply

Loan Application Procedure

If you are starting a new business and already know what your financing requirements will be, you can complete your business plan and loan application and submit to our Community Futures office. A representative will be able to answer any questions and can help with the process.

If you have an existing business and are seeking financing, we may not require a business plan. If you complete the Loan Application only, contact your local Community Futures office and arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements.

Please Note: Be sure to download/save both PDFs to your desktop first and then use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to fill out.

May 22, 2023

Newsask Programs

Programs to get you started

At Community Futures our mandate is to help entrepreneurs succeed in business. We offer a variety of programs and training to support you on your path to reaching your goals.

Contact us for more information.

May 22, 2023

Newsask Advice

With so much business information out there, it’s hard to know what’s important, relevant and correct. Sorting through what you need to know is crucial. We can help you do that.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

That’s the big question - can I be a successful business owner? If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to run your own small business, download this guide and take the Entrepreneurship Quiz to find out.

Getting Started

Want to turn your business idea into reality? Start off on the right foot by following these important business start-up steps.

Business Planning


You’d never start out on a trip without a roadmap, right? Apply that same philosophy to business. A solid Business Plan can be your idea’s roadmap to success!

Video Guidance for Business Planning Canvas - Part 1


Video Guidance for Business Planning Canvas - Part 2

Entrepreneur's Toolkit

Have a specific question or looking for resources to help you develop your business idea? We've gathered the best resources and placed them in one handy location. Find information about business loan options, market research tools, loan payment calculators, and more - You’ll find information to answer your business questions here!

SK Business Services Directory

Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial community is strong, vibrant, and full of organizations that assist entrepreneurs and small and medium sized enterprises in every stage of growth. SK Business Services Directory offers a one stop searchable database to direct entrepreneurs to service providers at all stages of their business. Learn more at:

Advice & Support


September 1, 2023

Newsletters 2023


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Dara McMunn—Community Futures Newsask

Dara McMunn doesn’t know how to do something with a commitment of less than 100%.

Though she and her husband raised three kids while operating a family farm of more than 10,000 acres, she has still found time to volunteer with several organizations. That part of her story isn’t unusual—you can find committed volunteers with busy lives all across rural Saskatchewan.

What sets Dara apart is that she doesn’t just volunteer her time to attend board meetings; she examines the organizations that she works with, asks “What do they need, and how can I help them get there?” and then dives in to make it happen.

With this approach, she spearheaded the conversion of the Star City Community Rink to geothermal heating: researching what was needed for the project, filling out applications, and successfully accessing the grant funding to make it happen.

Her contribution to Community Futures Newsask through her many years on the board have been even more impactful.

While serving in several roles, including Secretary/Treasurer and Vice-Chair, Dara applied her human resources and management experience collected over many years of employment in community colleges to guiding budgetary and governance discussions with her CF.

Her business experience gained with the operation of the farm has helped her gain an understanding of what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur, which has made her an invaluable resource when considering loan applications.

She also took on several major projects for the corporation, including reviewing its insurance coverage, and overseeing a section-by-section rewrite of Newsask’s outdated Policy Manual to ensure that they meet federal and provincial guidelines.

It is this continued level of dedication to her region and her community and willingness to go above and beyond the typical volunteer that make us proud to name Dara McMunn the 2022–2023 recipient of the Community Futures Award for Volunteerism. 2022-2023 WINNERS

August 9, 2022

Newsletters 2022


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May 4, 2021

Newsletters 2021


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December 1, 2020

Newsletters 2020


Stay caught up on this year's Newsask News and Advice!!

Congratulations to Community Futures Newsask and surrounding regions for earning the “Community Projects Awards” for 1000 miles of Snow 2018!!

Big thank you to all our sponsors, submitters, teacher and Local Representatives for showing your support!

Download Complete Winners List (PDF)

Complete shotTop L to R: Ethan Thomas, Justin Mann, Gage Bacon
Middle L to R: Alannah Cotterill, Emma Thomas, Ryan Morris, Tyler Johns, Cade Bohn
Bottom L to R: Kara Taylor, Heath Knudsen, Hudson Schmidt
Missing: Sydney McFall, Abby Holliday, Haley Demmans, Jorgia Brad, Maressa Stene, Alycia Boynton and Alexis Clarke.

Al Jellicoe MayorMayor of Tisdale Al Jellicoe

Memorial Award Ethan ThomasMemorial Award of Hazel Berg and winner Ethan Thomas

Tisdale Dance GroupThe night's entertainment: Tisdale Dance Centre



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