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Ryley Iverson, Townfolio

Ryley Iverson is a Saskatchewan entrepreneur, business strategist, and the Co-Founder of Townfolio, a trusted and rapidly expanding community profile network that assists municipalities and businesses in accessing hard-to-find public data and connecting them to local opportunities across the country.

Alongside Townfolio co-founders Davie Lee and Craig Paul, Ryley provides innovative solutions for organizations that are often short on time, budget, and/or technical skills to effectively leverage information for the purposes of meaningfully promoting their respective communities for investment.

The Townfolio team is already being widely applauded and acknowledged for their efforts and impact. In the words of Alex Fallon, CEO of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA), “Townfolio is an absolute game changer in terms of providing a comprehensive economic profile that’s always up to date, yet affordable for all communities and regions. Townfolio has allowed us to promote our region and I highly recommend their software and service!”

With an affinity for economic development, technology, renewable energy, and real estate, Townfolio was a perfect home for Ryley as multi-passionate biz whiz. However, things weren’t especially easy in the beginning when the already arduous start-up phase was made even more difficult by a serious health diagnosis that he had to contend with.

While working full-time and trying to launch Townfolio, Ryley was diagnosed with a stage-3 blood cancer and was on the brink of needing serious conventional treatment. Thankfully, his health has significantly improved and he’s more driven than ever!

The experience of overcoming such a monumental personal challenge transformed Ryley’s priorities and completely shifted his perspective on risk-taking, which motivated him to tackle the start-up full-time. At this critical phase, Community Futures was very happy to assist with the financial resources and support to move the dream forward. “I personally owe a massive thank-you to the ELEVATE program,” Ryley says.

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