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[Outlook, Saskatchewan, September 19, 2023] – Community Futures Mid-Sask is thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated Destination Business Program has received approval for the Rural Opportunity Fund (ROF) 2.0 funding and will be delivering courses as soon as October 2023. This innovative program is poised to transform small businesses into thriving destinations, helping entrepreneurs discover their company’s unique qualities and enabling them to stand out in the marketplace.

The Destination Business Program is set to roll out over the next two years in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Its primary objective is to empower small business owners by providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to position themselves as compelling destinations within their respective industries and regions.


What Business Owners Are Saying

Hannah Hannah, the owner of The High Maintenance Hippie in Warman, Saskatchewan, shared her experience with the program, saying, "One of the main things that I learned while taking this course was positioning my business as a destination, with a bonus that I got to meet other like-minded entrepreneurs – I loved collaborating with them in an intimate network."

Lilah McIvor, the General Manager of Community Futures (CF) Mid-Sask, emphasized the significance of this program for entrepreneurs in rural regions, stating, "Entrepreneurs know about Community Futures because of the great lending program and advisory services we provide to rural businesses. This Destination Business Program is one of those important services we're now making available to entrepreneurs in both Saskatchewan and Manitoba, due to the support received from the Rural Opportunity Fund. We’ve heard from business owners and know that inflation, debt-load and changes beyond their control have been huge worries. By participating in the Destination Business Program, entrepreneurs can take back some control, learn how to expand their company's market beyond the local region and boost their bottom line. Becoming a destination business can make a big impact on a small business."

Join the Destination Business Program
The Destination Business Program offers a comprehensive approach to help businesses become sought-after destinations. Participants will:
● Learn the Fundamentals: By enrolling in the Destination Creation Course to understand the core principles of becoming a destination business.
● Deep Dive into Game-Changing Business Topics: By attending monthly Connector Series sessions to explore transformative and trending business issues.
● Access One-on-One Guidance: By meeting with a Destination Coach to receive personalized assistance and insights, after completing the course.
● Build a Powerful Network: By collaborating with other like-minded destination business owners that have also taken part in the Destination Business Program.

This Program promises to equip business owners with the knowledge and resources needed to showcase their company's uniqueness and stand out in the crowded marketplace. Entrepreneurs in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are encouraged to find out more about this innovative learning opportunity. For more information and to register for the Destination Business Program, please visit

About Community Futures

Community Futures (CF) offices can be found across rural Canada. CFs assist rural businesses to start and grow their operations. Services include business financing, business coaching and advisory services. They also work within their communities to provide community economic development support and strategic planning assistance.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Lilah McIvor, General Manager
Community Futures Mid-Sask, Outlook SK


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OUTLOOK, SK., September 8, 2022 -- Helping destination businesses to uncover their uniqueness and boost their marketing efforts . . . that’s the promise of Community Futures (CF) Midsask’s Destination Creation course. The course, coming to the region in October and November, 2022, is the latest initiative of CF Midsask, whose mission is to provide business and economic development supports in central Saskatchewan. The Destination Creation course will be led by a certified Destination facilitator, and held virtually to accommodate the busy schedules of entrepreneurs in the region.
“Entrepreneurs know about Community Futures because of the great lending supports and advisory services we provide to help them start, expand or even buy into a business. But we have so much more to offer, and this Destination Creation training is just one of the many services we provide to our business community in the Midsask region of Saskatchewan,” comments Lilah McIvor, CF Midsask General Manager. “Our post-pandemic economy looks quite different. Business owners have pivoted their operations and now are taking advantage of opportunities they’ve encountered over the last few years. We know that tourism, and expanding a company’s market beyond the local region can really boost the bottom line. Our region has so many amazing destination locations and businesses! This Destination Creation course will help our destination business sector to uncover their uniqueness, focus on what makes them so special and one-of-a-kind, and market their uniqueness to gain new customers and increase profits!”

CF Midsask’s Destination Creation course will start on October 4, 2022 and run for 6 weeks (2.5 hours/week). The registration fee is $50/person, and space is limited. Register at .

For more information, contact:
Lilah McIvor, General Manager of CF Midsask | P: 306-962-7419 | E:


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September 22, 2021

Jumpstart Your Marketing!

Learn how to power up your company’s sales and boost your business promotions by attending the two-part ‘Jumpstart Your Marketing’ workshop series in either Weyburn or Estevan this October!  Marketing coach Jill Sauter, owner of Jill Sauter Marketing and Communications, will lead these interactive sessions and help attendees to fire up their business marketing activities so they can hit their sales goals this fall and winter. 

“Fall is a great time to invest in your marketing and connect with customers.  After all, marketing is the fuel in your company’s ‘sales tank’!  Having the right tools and guidance in this area of business is crucial, so that’s where ‘Jumpstart Your Marketing’ comes in to help entrepreneurs,” comments Jill Sauter.

These workshops, hosted by Community Futures (CF) Sunrise, will provide tips and strategies to make your business marketing pay off.  You’ll discover how to identify new and profitable customer groups, implement effective promotional strategies and really connect with customers.  All this with the aim to increase sales and hit your company’s goals.

“Our facilitator, Jill Sauter, knows a ton about rural business and marketing so she has a lot of tools and information to help entrepreneurs get where they want to go,” says Verna O’Neill, general manager of CF Sunrise. “I know people will leave the sessions with ideas and plans to kickstart their marketing efforts.  Jill provides easy to follow checklists, worksheets and other resources.  We really encourage owners or managers of any business size to attend these workshops.”

‘Jumpstart Your Marketing’ will be held on October 6 & 20, 2021 in Weyburn and October 7 & 21, 2021 in Estevan.  The registration fee is $25 per person and space is limited.  Register online at: or by emailing .

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