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The real-life story of an artist: Sask Clay Designs

  • March 1, 2023
  • Written by Mid-Sask Admin

We can discipline ourselves with study, training our minds and bodies to grow—but naturally, we will always gravitate towards what truly ignites us, which is precisely where Sarbjit Kaur's life has led.

She was born and raised in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Her roots are from Punjab, India. She always led with her heart as she made choices about her future which is how she decided to move to Toronto, Ontario and completed Hospitality Management at Humber College.Once she completed college, she found a permanent job in Saskatchewan and started administrative work. It was here, in Saskatchewan, where she met her now husband. He, like her, grew up in India, moved to Toronto, attended Humber College and moved to Saskatchewan to start his career.


Fate would have it; they would meet here, marry, fall in love, and start a family. Sarbjit stayed at home to raise their children. "I love being a mother, but something inside me was missing.”

“One day I was watching YouTube with my young kids, and a clay-making video came on. It intrigued me, and the next time I was in the city, I bought some clay craft supplies," shared Kaur. "Creating just flowed through me. I knew once I made my first piece, it was this that was missing. Clay helps me relax from the stress & anxiety of being everything. When I hold clay in my hands, it releases stress and gives me peace. What I didn't know was what that passion would turn into."

Sitting at her kitchen table, she made her first piece of jewellery. Black teardrop earrings were her first creation, which she still wears.

"It's those earrings that started everything for me. My friends liked them and wanted me to make a pair for them, then their friends," shared Sarbjit. " I thought I might be able to start a business out of this."
Sarbjit started to build up inventory and wanted to sell at tradeshows. There she had an excellent response.

"I love going to the shows; I like seeing customers' reactions to my jewellery, especially when they comment about the quality. It gives me a sense of pride. Because I know how hard I work at getting the piece just right."SaskClayDesigns2

Now, Sarbjit is starting to grow her business Sask Clay Designs. She knows how to make jewellery and is focusing her efforts on the business side of things. That's where Community Futures Mid-Sask comes into the story. She attended their Destination Creation course, which helped her with new marketing ideas and business development strategies.

"Each piece of jewellery is handmade or created with my unique hand-shaped cutters and unique texture. And my collections are always changing; I have different collections that inspire me. For instance, for Valentine's Day I made a new collection that reflected love."


Sarbjit and Sask Clay Designs sell jewellery online, wholesale across Canada and in marketplace stores in Saskatchewan.
Find out more about this amazing business on Facebook @SaskClayDesigns.
Learn more about Community Futures Mid-Sask and their business-building programs and services @MidSaskCFDC.