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Community Futures Mid-Sask

Mid-Sask Community Futures RegionCommunity Futures Mid-Sask is a Federal Government initiative which was established in 1986 to assist rural communities in the development of strategies for dealing with a changing economic environment. This program is based on a philosophy that local decision making and local development are the most effective means for communities to shape their future.

Mid-Sask CFDC is a key component of the western business service network established and funded by Western Diversification Canada (WD). Mid-Sask CFDC is a nonprofit organization run by a board of local volunteers. Mid-Sask CFDC is designed to encourage rural economic activity and entrepreneurs.

Working together with the local communities, Mid-Sask helps address the needs through:

  • A combination of localized long range strategic planning
  • Counseling and business development
  • Financial assistance to small, medium sized business and entrepreneurs

Experienced staff at Mid-Sask CFDC can assist you in developing or expanding your business. They understand small business, the local marketplace, and can provide advice and mentoring to help you find create and seize new business opportunities.



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