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Why Your Business Needs a Facebook Page

  • October 5, 2016
  • Written by Meridian Admin

A Facebook page can work for your business – if you don’t believe it then consider the following statistics. In 2015, over 2 million small business owners had a Facebook page (up from 1.5 million in 2014) and between them they had more than 50 million small business pages.

If you have a B2C business, consider there are currently 1.7 billion active monthly users of Facebook and 1.1 billion mobile Facebook users. That’s a massive audience you can’t afford to ignore.

Marketing your business through Facebook is a simple concept, but a little tougher to execute. The idea is to use the social connections presented to you by the platform to reach out to customers and promote your company. That’s harder than it sounds. While at one time it might have been easy to purchase ads on the sidebar and let it do its thing, the atmosphere has changed. Nowadays, Facebook marketing means creating a business page, keeping in touch with your current customers and clients, connecting with other related businesses and opening up to new customers. All of this while navigating the social minefield that is unbridled social access.

Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing because of how direct the connection between business and consumer is. However, therein lies the risk. One wrong move, one offensive post or misstep can cost your business its reputation and customer base. There are rules that should be followed. A business page on Facebook shouldn’t be treated like a personal page, but it still needs to have a personal connection. After all, if people didn’t care about the personal, social touch a Facebook page offers, they’d bookmark your company site or blog and read that instead.

What a Facebook page gives you is increased exposure, an ability to connect with your existing customers and your potential market. It allows you to do online networking. Friends of your company (and you) can like your page and spread links to everyone they know. It also allows you to communicate with your followers by posting announcements, offers, tips etc. You can answer questions, educate people on your product, or service, and enter into conversations. Unlike your web site, your Facebook page is far more interactive.

Simply launching a Facebook page is not enough – you have to promote it. Email the link to everyone you know, and announce it to everyone on your customer database. Ask for ‘likes’ – the goal is to get people to help you tell your story. Put a Facebook link on your website and feature it on your business card and every other piece of promotional literature you put out.

Post interesting things that are relevant to your company and what you sell. Don’t mix personal and business – no one wants to see you on holiday downing 20 shooters in one minute!

Post product and corporate updates, photo’s, and video’s that will be of interest to your specific audience. Share your excitement in your industry and what you sell – your passion will excite your followers and encourage them to promote your page. Post at least once, if not several times a day. Your business page needs to be dynamic.

Be responsive, monitor your page daily and answer all posts – show people you (or a member of your team) are listening. When a post is successful in attracting attention make sure you send a link out to everyone on your mailing list. Build on the interest.

When you get used to having a Facebook business page start looking at all the advanced things you can do such as targeting specific audiences by location, age, interests and more.

Ensure you use the analytics on offer to monitor your page’s activity. See the number of likes, comments, shares, page views, posts and the demographics of your audience. You will even discover the time of day they visited your page and how they discovered you!

A well maintained business page can generate far more leads and business than any corporate website. But, that’s not say you don’t need an excellent website too – people will head there straight after discovering your FB business page to check you out. The two have to work together.


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