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Making Your Business Stand Out

  • September 4, 2018
  • Written by Meridian Admin

In today’s competitive world, businesses need to stand out from the crowd. In the past this was achieved through branding and no doubt this is still a vital part of any business’s marketing strategy. Advertising also played a part in ensuring your market knew what you had to offer. More recently social media has become an important vehicle to use in reaching your target market.

While all this is still relevant, to a greater or lesser degree, the problem is that everyone is doing the same. Your competition is advertising; they are on social media, they have a good brand—if they don’t they probably aren’t really competition.

The question is, what can you do to stand out? To be different?

In this article we’ll look at two things you might consider doing to make your business newsworthy, and to get customers and potential customers not only talking about you but heading to your online, or bricks and mortar location.

Novelty and Experience recently talked about a coffee shop in Shanghai, China called Ratio which has a robot bartender and barista. Customers place their order via an app and the robot makes their drink, grinding the coffee, adding flavours and ensuring the beverage is made to perfection; that is, everything has the correct ‘ratio’ of coffee, milk, shots etc.  A real live human then delivers the coffee to the customer. That’s the novelty, but what this coffee shop has also done is remove the one part of coffee culture that customers don’t like and that’s waiting in line. What Ratio has done is improve the experience – perfect coffee, without the hassle of lining up. Think this a gimmick? Not so, five more branches are opening soon.

Uber has done the same worldwide. The taxi industry had a bad rap, so they seized on the opportunity to offer something novel; the ability for riders to know their fare in advance, order a driver and pay using an app, track their ride, know the driver’s name for increased security, and be able to rate their driver, thus ensuring good service across all drivers.

So, think about your business; what can you do that is novel (i.e. none of your competitors are doing it) and which will improve your customer’s experience? What can you do to seize the attention of your existing and prospective customers?

Can you save them time, money, hassle? Can you provide the ultimate in convenience? Can you give them an experience that is so amazing they will talk about it to friends and on social media?

Think about your brand. What is it you promise customers? What is the bottom line? And, ask yourself – is it enough? Think about the journey your customers take from first learning about your company to walking away with whatever product or service you sell. Where along the line can you make it easier or more exciting? How can you make it a novel or exciting experience?

Today, the experience outweighs price to a broad cross-section of consumers. People are looking for an amazing and novel experience – can your company rise to the challenge?

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