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Being Consistent, Being Accountable - Keeping the Habit Going

  • February 3, 2018
  • Written by Meridian Admin

As we enter February, often our New Year’s resolutions have faltered or fallen to the wayside. Having resolved to create a new, productive habit in the first month of the year means investing in being consistent until the habit has been incorporated into our lives—personal or professional. Habits take time and attention over that time.

Being accountable to ourselves and others is one of the ways to ensure a habit is formed and truly a part of our life. What does accountability look like? How do we ensure that it works for us?

Here are three steps to being accountable and ensuring our desired habit becomes entrenched.

  • Having clear expectations is the first part of accountability. The expectations need to be articulated and understood. It is often helpful to form some questions to lead us to clarifying the expectations. What are we trying to achieve? What does it look like? How will we know we have achieved our goal of a more productive habit?
  • It is important to have regular check-ins with both ourselves and others to follow up on our progress. It is often good to schedule these check-ins and having some consistent questions related to following up. Have we been diligent in focusing on the habit? If so, what has worked for us? What challenges or barriers have there been? How can we overcome those obstacles?
  • The final part with respect to accountability is honest feedback from both ourselves and the people in whom we have shared our expectations. Although this may or may not be part of each regular check-in, it is certainly an important aspect of working to the goal of solidifying the habit. Being honest with ourselves and accepting critical feedback from others creates an awareness of our success and what still needs to happen. How is it going from both perspectives? What have we and they observed since our last check-in? What has been seen as a struggle for us?

If the goal of incorporating whatever habit we want to acquire is our most important thing this year, then we need to ensure we have given it our utmost attention and undivided focus in order to achieve it. Being truly accountable to ourselves and some trusted others will help us move in that direction.

“Accountability breeds response-ability.”  - Stephen Covey, Author

Paul Abra, Certified Executive Coach,  Motivated Coaching and Development

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