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I am Successful Because

  • August 3, 2017
  • Written by Meridian Admin

How many of the following 40 success traits can you honestly say you have and actively pursue on a day-to-day basis in your business?

I am a modern, professional, aware entrepreneur because:

  1. I have a clear vision for my business
  2. I set goals
  3. I’m generally optimistic
  4. I believe wholeheartedly in what I am selling
  5. I plan, prioritize and implement – every day!
  6. I see my market clearly
  7. I’m constantly curious about new opportunities
  8. I’m an information junkie
  9. I am motivated to learn and constantly improve
  10. I’m an avid networker
  11. My business is not a job, it has a life without me
  12. My business runs on systems
  13. I acknowledge random events can derail me
  14. I constantly look at what’s working and what’s not
  15. I form alliances with other businesspeople where it creates power in numbers
  16. I regularly carry out a risk analysis on my business
  17. I have plans in place for tough times and an early warning system to alert me in advance
  18. I review my business plan and update it regularly
  19. I follow my market and industry closely
  20. I watch trends – local, national, international
  21. I have a strong relationship with my bank and know my account manager
  22. I build credibility with my bank and investors during good times.
  23. I am aware of potential investors locally and in my industry
  24. I have an up-to-date cash flow spreadsheet
  25. I know my bank balance, my accounts payable and accounts receivable
  26. I review my production costs regularly to ensure I am maximizing profits
  27. I survey customers often to ensure I am still meeting their needs
  28. I realize successful companies are loved, not just liked, by their customers
  29. I prioritize sales as it is the only activity that contributes to profit
  30. I have a clear sales strategy as well as a marketing strategy
  31. I set and monitor sales targets
  32. I know what marketing is working and continually cut what’s not
  33. I know every move my competition makes and how it will affect me
  34. I hire for attitude and train for skill
  35. I support free thinkers and give mavericks freedom in my company
  36. I empower my staff
  37. I do not procrastinate, I take action
  38. I keep mentally and physically fit
  39. I know what’s working in my business and have plans to change what isn’t
  40. I know where I came from and I know where I am going

This list of 40 could easily have been 140; being successful is more about attitude than anything else. Every item on the above list comes down to your attitude as a businessperson and as an entrepreneur. How did you stack up? If you could honestly check off 30 or more you are either already successful, or heading in the right direction!