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What's New in Our Region

Upcoming AgriWebinars for our friends on the farm


Join Larry Martin from Agri-Food Managment Excellence, Inc for his informational webinars beginning February 12th on Financial Benchmarks for Profitable Farms, A Trusted Framework for Developing Strategy and Strategic Planning on Canada's Farms, and Overcoming Greed and Fear in Commodity Markets



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A petition has been prepared to support Community Futures' advocacy efforts to both renew the Community Futures Program and to provide Community Futures with enhanced and equitable funding. If you are a supporter of Community Futures we would love your help. It's as simple as signing the petition below.

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Read Community Futures' proposal submitted to Minister Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development



Meridian Community Futures Region

Community Futures is a non-profit organization that provides loans, advice and support to entrepreneurs and businesses in rural Saskatchewan. We help in growing communities one idea at a time.

Our Vision

To create diverse, sustainable communities by supporting local, community-based economic development and small business support.

Loans, Advice, Support

We provide the Services you need to launch, purchase or expand your business!

  • Loans up to $150,000
  • Business plan development and assistance
  • Connecting you to resources

Community futures Meridian Region is represented by a group of local volunteers pursing regional economic development ... Read More

View Regions Served by Community Futures Meridian

  • Major
  • Mantario
  • Marengo
  • McGee
  • Netherhill
  • Plenty
  • Primate
  • R.M. 259, 260, 261
  • R.M. 287, 288, 317
  • R.M. 290, 292
  • R.M. 318, 319
  • R.M. 320, 321, 322
  • R.M. 349, 350
  • R.M. 351, 352
  • R.M. 380, 381, 382
  • Richlea
  • Rosetown
  • Ruthilda
  • Salvador
  • Scott
  • Smiley
  • Sovereign
  • Stranraer
  • Tramping Lake
  • Tyner
  • Wartime

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