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Innovation Through COVID-19

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5 Businesses will be awarded $3000* each.

In today’s challenging times, businesses have had to be creative to ensure their business remains sustainable, while keeping their employees and customers safe.

Small business owners have shown resiliency and courage as they have had to think of new and innovative ideas, doing whatever it takes, to continue operating their businesses, while navigating through Covid-19.

Sagehill Community Futures wants to celebrate and showcase this innovation of the small businesses in the Sagehill region.  SAGEHILL COMMUNITY FUTURES IS EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE “INNOVATION THROUGH COVID-19”!

5 businesses in the Sagehill region, (click on map below) will be awarded $3000* each, for their unique way of responding to the curves that Covid-19 has thrown at them…BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Sagehill Community Futures will be asking YOU to nominate a deserving small business, within the Sagehill region (click on map below), who has demonstrated innovation and creativity in the past months to continue selling their products and services during such unprecedented times.

Nominations will be open from October 25 – November 7, 2020

Once nominations close, Sagehill Community Futures will be asking YOU to vote for the business of your choice!  Show your community spirit for the small business and vote for them!

Place Your Vote!

Voting will be open from November 15 – November 28, 2020

Once voting closes, Sagehill Community Futures will tally the votes and announce the winners on November 30, 2020.  The five businesses with the most votes, will be awarded $3000* each.

Sagehill Nomination Community Map F 002We are excited to be showcasing the small businesses in the Sagehill region and we hope you will share in that excitement and take a moment to think of a deserving small business, nominate them and vote, vote, vote

*Businesses must be located in the Sagehill region (click on map) and have been in operation prior to March 2020 to be eligible. 

*The nominated business can not be owned or be in partnership with a current Sagehill Community Futures board member, staff member or their immediate family.

*Businesses involved in multi-level marketing or pyramid selling are not eligible.

*Any fundraising activities for community groups or organizations are not eligible

Current Board and Staff

Board of Directors
Floyd Lueke – Humboldt
Patrice Boychuk Kidd – Wakaw
Paul Kneeshaw – Humboldt
Denis Boyenko – Aberdeen
Mary Campbell – Annaheim
Adam Ritthaler – Watrous
Sherry Fowler – Rosthern

Susan Wehage
Jenny Glessman
Holly Marshak